Monday, March 29, 2010

The Happy Child

As I walked down the road in rain to get my groceries, i saw a child walking with her mom. On any other day, i usually pass a smile to every little child who cross my way, but today it was a bit different. I watched the play of emotions of the child's face and also realized that we were heading to the same shop. Folding my umbrella & looking for a suitable cart, i glanced at the child. She wasn't very comfortable with her set of clothes or perhaps the fact that she was seated on a stroller.

Passing a smile & waving my hand i paved my way to get my stuff. Her courteous mom smiled back too. The veggies & the fruits were wearing a doleful look. Perhaps my displeasure towards rain makes me dull & i look at the world through the same vision. I quickly filled my cart with my required stuff and of course, with some, which hardly makes their presence felt in the kitchen but somehow the impulsive shopper in me makes buy those stuff. I ran my fingers through the rack which had aromatic candles but somehow persuaded my mind not to look deeply at them else they would make their way through the cart to my home.

Turning my cart left and then straight, i walked to fetch milk. Ah, i saw the same child now a bit more restless yet passing those confused expressions. This time i thought to go near and say a quick hello and i finally said so. " Happy Child", I uttered and aptly came her mothers reply "Thank You". I tried a bit more conversation. As a good Samaritan, i helped her mom to help her get down from the stroller. "I think she doesn't enjoy sitting in the stroller, she seems to have grown up", I said. "I really wish she was", came her mothers reply. I wasn't prepared what she said. She continued, "My daughter is 14 months old but she looks 24, she is suffering from Gigantism". My heart sank and for a moment i was suffering from loss of words. All I could say to her was "O God, I am so sorry, I wasn't aware". "No problem", she said smilingly. I patted the childs head & in my heart I said a silent prayer "God, please take care of her".

As i was returning, all I could think was of the child. Well, i am thinking again!!!!

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