Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Its Raining and Pouring

Early in the morning when i woke up, i could hear the similar sound of rain as i went to bed last night. Needless to say it didn't make me happy...Making a grumpy face and cursing the weather, i attended my daily chores. I was still raining when i settled down in my sofa with the newspaper though the wind was stronger now. I could hear sound or rather a song. I pressed my ears hard against the wall. The tune sounded familiar.

"It's raining, it's pouring. The old man is snoring. He went to the bed and bumped his head And he couldn't get up in the morning ". My neighbor was perhaps playing to her little child. Ah these words reminded me of my childhood. Rains reminded me of so many things especially of the hailstorms.

I remember when we were young we used to collect hailstorms whenever there used to be. It was sheer excitement both for me and my brother to collect those and throw at each other or how many we could collect. Funnily, by the time we could run and and bring another the previous one would start melting thus constantly decreasing the count. Our mother never stopped us and today i realize how fun it was. Had she stopped us, today i would not have been able to share these experiences.

The phone started ringing and it brought my mind back to my room. Holding the phone, i walked near the window and was politely the declining the offer which the lady was offering about the reduced prices of internet services. I opened the window to feel a few drops of rain on my hand. The sparkling rain drops once again took me back to my childhood but now the thoughts were different. Getting wet in the rain wasn't fun alone, but it was accompanied with cold and cough. Phew!!!!!! The repercussions were obviously unpleasant.

As i am planning to have some hot tomato soup in the evening i remember a friend of mine who taught me to make this. She never carried an umbrella because she loved to get drenched. Together we laughed and walked in the rain even though i religiously carried my umbrella. I really wonder if she still enjoys but my love for rain has surely undergone a change.

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  1. an ode to rain in a foreign terrain ... :).. keep walking!!!