Thursday, April 29, 2010


I received a long forwarded email from a friend of mine earlier this morning dilating about junk food and its adversities. We all belong to an era where fitness regime is of utmost importance. Suffice it to say we all love to have piece of our favorite burger or fries.

A valetudinarian will perhaps think before consuming some stuff which he should avoid at all cost but for a section of the society junk food has become staple diet. We all have heard of dieting and crash dieting and such weighty words but when it strictly comes to abhor those we just throw caution to the wind. An impeccable body is hard to attain but we can give our best to remain healthy. Its quite ironical as well as ludicrous that the friend of mine who has sent or rather forwarded me the email is a victim of obesity. I do not know how he looks now but a recent look at the pictures which he has`uploaded at the social sites indicates that he hasn't changed much. Thanks to all the fast food joints that have recently opened at his neighborhood his fitness regime has gone for a toss. His parents must be growing berserk with his growing age as well as his health. His love for junk food is almost legendary amongst friends. Of course i too want to see my friend happy but more than happiness i want my friend to be healthy.

Well, i am not certainly not the best person to define a diet chart but i can surely dole out a friendly message to take care of our respective health. We do not need to detest our favorite delicacies just keeping eye on what we eat and working out will surely pay off in the long run. Cheers!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I am currently reading a novel which is about relationships and its various facets. Even though i have just completed a few chapters of this wordy novel, yet i just find myself gravitating towards this book. Every line or rather every word has left a lasting impression on my mind...

There are perhaps so many layers in any relationship. Even though the book primarily discusses the entanglement of relationships shared between the family members, yet i could probably relate to them. We all live in family where we get close to either our parents or our siblings. Our affection for them just deepens and we start to take them for granted. Now that i stay away from them i pine for their presence.

A friend of mine who recently lost her father could not stop sobbing when i called her up to offer my condolences. She seemed to be inconsolable and i could feel the hard corners of the absolute truth of life-- death. What troubled me more was the fact that she considered her father to be her best friend and guide of her life. Without him she seemed pretty lost. My attempts to pacify her ended in a fiasco and i ended my conversation praying to God to take good care of my friend!!!!

We all mortal creatures have to leave this world someday. The only difference we can perhaps make on this sojourn to this world is to spread some smile and peace wherever we go so that when we live people crave for our company and when we leave people cry over us.......

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Surprisingly surprised

Umm...what do i write today..hmm..hmmm...After two days of rain, its a beautiful day and i want to spend a lovely afternoon but something stopped me. What? A knock at the door....I rushed towards the door wondering as i wasn't expecting anyone at that time...A tall man was standing at my doorsteps with a packet. Wrapped with a colorful gift paper and a bunch of flowers that could woo any teenager for the man who would gift her, the man smilingly handed me the same. "For me?" I asked. "Yes", he said politely. He wasn't aware of the thoughts that were swimming across my mind....Who could have sent me a gift? or why would someone send me a gift without any occasion.I tried to tax my brain whether i ordered to gift someone. No, came the answer form my brain..."You have a great day, Mam!" the man said. "Thanks & wish you the same", i said rather confusingly.

As i hastily kept the packet and the bunch of flowers on the table, i tried to curb my excitement so that i didn't tear the lovely wrapping paper in an amorphous manner. Taking a knife i tried to cut the tape that was covering the gift in a prudent manner.As my knife smoothly detached the tape questions at the back of my mind also increased. eyes couldn't believe what i saw...It was the same watch which i saw at the departmental store a few months back...My smile widened at the same time the question regarding the identity of the sender began to torment my mind. I tried the watch on my wrist even though it seemed a li'l big and required some adjustments. I ran my fingers across the lustrous flowers..Suddenly the phone rang and i went to attend. "How is it? Did you like those especially the flowers?" I went dumb and flabbergast for a moment...

Goodness it was my dear husband. Much to my astonishment, it was he who ordered it seeing my deep interest in that watch at the respective store. The flowers were its soft accompaniment. I was almost at loss of words as to how could i express my happiness along with expressing my gratitude. After a brief conversation we hung up.

I was am still touched by his little surprise and i am wondering how to surprise him in the near future.

Anyone with any suggestions????

Saturday, April 24, 2010


I had a small tiff with my mother this morning over the phone over a (perhaps) trivial issue. While she was politely trying to make me aware of a dietary fact i on the contrary had something else to say....I guess the difference of thoughts due to the generation gap was coming in between. Later on we arrived at an amicable decision where i agreed to follow her advice though with some amendments.

I have a cache of memories when both me and my mother differed on various subjects. While she advised mostly from own her experiences, i chose to differ!!!! Well, we all are blessed with different mindsets even though trying to be different at every subject can make us termed as 'rebellious'. I know i might sound a bit whimsical in describing these, but when my cousin described her six year old son who is gradually turning rebellious, i could feel what she was trying to explain. Her son who paints when he is told to sleep or eats when he is asked to paint has become a concern for his parents. The situation isn't very unusual but why not look through his eyes. May be he paints when his tender mind is filled with ideas and colors and he wants to put them in his canvas without deferring . The creative things which makes his mind restless cannot be expressed in words, perhaps his chooses this medium even though his timimg may be wrong.

As elders we fail to identify a child's moods and temperament on various occasions but we can certainly channelize their 'different' attitude in a positive manner. Throughout their growing years they can choose to be different but on emphatically scrupulous thoughts. Their thoughts should be moulded in such a manner so that their 'different' attitude towards life and its various aspects do not become a cause of concern for their family and society........

Thursday, April 22, 2010


My ring is missing, my ring is missing & i am sobbing.....Yes, my cute little ring which used to sit on my ring finger with pride is longer with me...I bought that with my hard earned money and it was very special to me. There are some things with which we share special bonding or attachment and my ring was one of those.

Attachment is a sort of infectious. We are attached to so many things of life and many of us get obsessed to a certain extent. One of our neighbors back in my home town was so attached to her pet that she could never imagine her life beyond her dog. The dog used to follow her wherever she went, share the same room. There were numerous occasions when she refused to attend any social functions or marriages of her relatives because she feared her dog would feel isolated. Her cousins decreased the frequency of their visits due to lack of attention.

The day her poor pet died she was inconsolable. Neighbors called the doctor and she had to be put on sedatives so that she could sleep for a while. Her tears moved everyone especially the kids who were equally fond of her dog!!!! The last time i visited her i saw a huge photograph neatly framed where she shared the space with her adorable dog. Her words still fumble at the very mention of the photograph. She can never forget.

Among the various facets of life, attachment is perhaps one such facet which is strongly in each one us. The feeling just needs to be tamed so that excessive use of this do not make us go weak in our knees. I just wish i too can detach this attachment for my ring, but i would not like to part away with the memories.........

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Just completed a movie which i was planning to see for quite sometime. Feeling refreshed. The resplendent sun has given way to clouds and i guess there will be afternoon showers . Well, guessing game...Its a dry day outside and my humidifier is pumping hard to maintain the moisture in my room. Poor it!!!

My recent experiment of making a snack went off really well the people who had it and i promised my husband to make it again. Well its 'golguppas'. It almost salivates every tongue and i bet any girl of my land would find it irresistible. This street side delicacy over the years has just attained acceptance and popularity without losing its sheen. The crisp puffed flour balls dipped in mint tamarind water makes us beg for more. After paying obeisance to hygiene, people keep on popping one after the other. Some prefer spicy while others keep it low yet the love for this snack is perhaps irrepressible.

I did not venture much with my experiment. I had stuck to the tried and tested method of making it. The road side taste can never be substituted yet the joy in making a dish for your loved ones gives immense pleasure. It can't be substituted as well. Some one aptly said there are some things money cant buy and for everything else we need our family. To share sorrow or pain, pleasure or gain or possible everything.......Well, i can say about me......

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Beauty and the Bride

Its a wonderful spring afternoon. Green leaves have embraced the branches of the tress and the chirping of the birds just adds to its beauty. My neighborhood park looks like a green carpet. Sipping my can of soda i am going through the pictures of the engagement of one of my sister-in-laws. Ahh, i missed the occasion. I had to pester her to get those photographs as these days she is busy shopping for trousseau. I spoke to her in order to make her realise that i am craving to see those wonderful captured moments.

In her perspicacious nature she explained her choc-a-block schedule. These days she frequently visits her neighborhood parlor, cooks atleast one square meal for the family, entertain guests at home who drop at regular intervals to congratulate them. Well, she is also busy designing her dress as she is a bit fastidious about colors, cuts and designs. No girl on this earth would like to compromise with her wedding dress and she is no exception. In between our conversation which was on a social site she sent me a pics of her proposed dresses. The amazingly rich colors, the embellishments almost made my jaws drop. She must have spent a fortune on these dresses, i thought. She went on explaining her recent purchases about her make up kit, accessories and frankly speaking i enjoyed every minute of our conversation. Guess these topics kindles any conversation!!!!!

We, women like to dress up for any occasion except for circumstances which do not call for. For ages women have tried to beautify themselves irrespective of their natural beauty. But true beauty is on our heart. If we feel beautiful we indeed are. No synthetic product can camouflage our unrest mind or heart.

As i winded up my conversation with my sister-in-law i could silently feel her choking heart. Wedding day nerves must have hit and i tried my best to comfort her. I wished her all the good wishes and prayed to the Lord so that the two innocent souls may always live an unending happy life.....

Monday, April 19, 2010

Chit Chat

Chatting at the social sites are the easiest ways to talk to people these days.. Within a fraction of second minutes we discuss almost everything that can be discussed (mostly) under the sun. But all conversations aren't hearty. The flip side of chatting is, i feel, we do not know or gauge the other person's mental state of mind. We start our conversation with the people we feel or in the manner how our mind reacts at that moment. Our chat list is full of people with half of the people we never chat or perhaps never bother to do so. There are a section of courteous people who ping whenever we are available but we never respond or later apologize due to our inability to respond at that very moment. We politely drop an email or perhaps in our next conversation we explain that we were occupied with some other work which took our notice off the screen. The fact is a different story altogether.

I admit my observations may be befitting or totally irrelevant. Of course we have every right to ignore a person but is it wise to ignore them socially? Yes, for those situations we can update our status as 'busy' albeit true or not. This is perhaps a silent insinuation of our avoidance to chat. There are poeple who provide access to their friend list simply because they find it harsh to decline, ignore or disapprove the friend request. If they allow they will restrict their movements in their profile. Why then include them and give them such an in different feeling? Their birthday wishes, their queries are never answered or perhaps happily forgotten due to lack of time or loss of memory. The most common justification we provide is our rare visit at those sites where we have included them.

Saying 'no' doesn't come easily to everyone, but being honest doesn't harm either. Instead of fooling people with kind words, or a big hug, its wise along with being prudent to politely decline. I dont know how much this will help but it will surely save our time we waste on those nincompoops!!!!!!

Friday, April 16, 2010


Goodness, this is weird...i am upset...i was about to wind up my write up when a call diverted my attention. Instead of hitting the 'save now button' i clicked.....I hope you can make out that i made a mistake by hitting the wrong button and all the contents are gone..phew!!!!!!!! The blank page is almost smiling at me and perhaps asking me to scribble over it again.

I wrote at length about an amusing story which unfortunately i am not in a position to share again but promise to do so next time. How i wish i hadn't done that foolish act, on a second thought that nincompoop hadn't called up. Ahh, no use of regretting...

Similarly in life i wish we could move on so easily. We efficiently use the words 'no problem' but how many times do we heartily accept any ugly fact, untold truth, foolish mistakes? How many times we have made a buffoon of ourselves by saying what isn't expected at that moment? Yet, we say 'no problem'. The 'no problem' attitude is perhaps like a zero calorie caffeine which promises only to satisfy our tongue but rather leaves many of it accompaniments in our body. We still move on for another glass or can.

Many of us are blessed with this attitude. They are a providential section of people who remain gratified with all the circumstances of life. For those morose people who find themselves in pain at the slightest pretext, this attitude will surely help them to an extent. Well, i certainly do not favor this attitude all the time, but feel at times this can help in controlling the upheaval of emotions raising from various facets of life..............

Thursday, April 15, 2010


In between running and preparing breakfast for my husband in the morning, i got a surprise call. It was my 7 year old nephew who lovingly called me up to convey his regards to his dear aunt and uncle. I was so touched by his stammering loving words which almost brought tears in my eyes. He tried hard to repeat what his parents prompted him. All i wished if i could give him a big tight hug. He gradually lowered his voice and in a softly told me, "Come back soon, i miss you....". Ahhh, my heart almost skipped a beat.

After my husband left for his office, i slide down in my chair and empty the contents of my tumbler which had my favorite orangeade. The words of my nephew made an impact on my mind. His innocent words compelled me to make a blueprint of my next plan to my native place. While i was comfortably seated on my chair and let my mind wander, calls from my few relatives made me discontinue my plan.

I am happy and delighted that they called me up. In this frenzy world, its perhaps these few precious moments which helps us to stay connected, to share our thoughts and of course say a few loving words which in times of mental distress or strained relations provides sustenance to carry on. Words are the worlds best healers, it can kill or heal any situation, any relationship or rather do wonders if only used judiciously.

As a wise man had aptly said, "Little deeds of kindness, little words of love help to make the world like the Eden above." I wish we can inculcate these simple 'words' to simplify our respective lives........

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy New Year.........

It's time for another celebration at every Bengali household. Yes, its time for a new year celebration. According to the Bengali calendar which starts on third week of April it marks the dawn of a new year. Lord Ganesha is worshiped on this day. There are certain communities who have only vegetarian food throughout the month of march till mid of April. On this day mostly people wear new clothes, offer their prayers and yes, have lot of food.

As a child we heard a lot of stories form our elders regarding the observation of this day. They say on this day people who are in to business close their current accounts book and start a new one. . In earlier times, people used to have only vegetarian food during the month of March since they believed that many air or water borne diseases could be avoided. The tradition still continues in certain households. Children of the household seek blessings from the elders of the family. i can proudly say this tradition still continues.

As a child we used to pine for this day. New clothes along with mouth watering delicacies made at home were awaited for. I miss the sound of conch shells, the incense sticks, the aroma of the food and the love and adulation showered by our elders.

Well i certainly cannot the recreate the environment but yea i can prepare some cuisine. I can call up near and dear ones and wish them a happy and a fruitful year ahead. While i plan some dishes i would like to wish all the people a very 'Happy New Year'. Enjoy!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Silence and Solitude

Yet another gloomy day and the sun is playing peekaboo. But i am certainly not feeling melancholic. Instead, i see my neighbor who i guess must be in her seventies is busy in her small garden. An idea strikes my mind. I change for some better clothes and go downstairs to say a gentle hello.

Dressed in a light purple lilac frock and her glossy golden hair which in itself is radiating light she responds to my greetings with a bright smile. "Hello, young lady, how are doing?". I explain my interest in her blooming garden and also give her my identity. My keen interest in her flowers, especially the daffodils and my compliments paves my way to her garden and with pride she explains each of the plant she has planted over the years. Along with the plants, i could see lot of decor items which were spread all over the garden. The mention of the decor brings a twinkle in her eyes....

"I am a proud granny of two grandsons and they gave them ", she explains. As words flew i could see the pain of solitude in her eyes. She knew every single detail of her grandchildren, their taste and preferences. She was aware of their school, vacation and perhaps everything her memory could prompt at that moment yet the underlying pain of living apart was clearly visible in her eyes. Her only son who works in DC lives with his family there and in holidays comes down to meet them. She misses them and perhaps silently wished if she could see them more often. I realized that solitude is perhaps not always enjoyable.

"Oh, its 1 o'clock and we need to have some lunch", she said. "My grandsons are going to call us after they reach home from school", she said with a smile.
As i slowly stepped towards my home, i smiled in my heart and wished that she gets to meet her grandsons at the earliest!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010


Happy Birthday!!!!!! i never failed to wish this friend of mine ever since our friendship hit off. After years, the tables seems to have turned. No, we haven't become foes but the spark of our impeccable friendship is no longer. A simple 'hello' or perhaps any formal word helps to maintain our minimalistic realtion. Gone are the days when we shared our day to day anecdotes and now these thoughts almost pin prick my mind. Time changes and along with time and situations people also change. My thoughts have surely been solidified.

Well the irreversible cannot be changed for sure. But what about the memories? How can these be deleted? I brain storm my mind in the obvious hope of finding an answer. But i wonder as well if deletion takes place wont the good memories get swiped away as well? I certainly don't want that. i want those lucid memories to stay in my mind forever so that happiness and time can blunt the edge of my perturb mind. I do not have any bad thoughts for my dear friend and i wish all the luck!!!!!!!!

As i do not want to brood over those thoughts, let me go out and enjoy the sunshine which is happily smiling. Chocolates perks up any mood so lemme try that as well...

Friday, April 9, 2010


I am currently going through a novel based on the life of a model and frankly speaking i am feeling sleepy...As i move towards my kitchen to get some tea or coffee to get rid of this untimely sleep, someone knocks my door. Ah, my neighbor. She has tried some new dish and has come to share with me. A few minutes of discussion about today's gloomy weather and about our respective plans about weekend, she leaves. I keep aside the glass bowl which she gave me and plan to have it at dinner.

Silence falls over once again...I return to my book with a handful of chips. My neighbors gesture really made me happy. The quality or the quantity of the food doesn't matter, to me what matters is how lovingly you give. Once in my teenage years, one of my uncles presented me a dress on my birthday which didn't go well with me and he wanted my honest confession. My mother gave me a stern look which was a silent insinuation that i should be generous with my words. Later on she gently explained me the fact that somebody's loving gift should always be appreciated irrespective of its size, price or quality. The sense of gratitude should always be higher than the individual's choice. Those words have remained with me till today.

In today's materialistic world, we need to pass these values so that nobody feels offended when their gift isn't met with same warmth, smile which was expected or no mother is put into shame by her children. Mothers have the greatest responsibility in framing the mind of her child and her teachings definitely builds up a rational family thus contributing to the society...

Am i getting preachy????? Hmm may be... Let me better finish my book...

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Story Telling

"Baking a perfect cake is an art", not me, but my husband says...While carefully placing the cake into the oven and setting the timer, i take a short break to write whats on my mind.

We bake a cake on several occasions even when we have nothing to celebrate as i am baking today. Out of the window i can see the sun illuminating the fronts of the building across the street and feel pity for the old woman, who is carrying her groceries and hurriedly crossing the road. Well no strings of my heart are attached to her, but, she reminds me of my own grandmother who passed away a few years back.. Elder of the two siblings, it was me who enjoyed most of her attention.Even though she never sang lullabies yet her bed time stories were almost gratis to me.

Stories, now which are almost like a joke to me were certainly not so those days. I used to listen every word with undisturbed attention and at times used to go berserk if the characters resembled me or the story didn't end the way i wanted. But every story ended with a moral which now i feel is so important to shape a child's thought. Most of the stories taught to abhor all the negative things in life.

Those bygone days were perhaps the best days of life. Storytelling is also perhaps an art, which creates a nexus between the mind and the heart. Well nowadays, we read novels, magazines if nothing then newspaper, watch television and we try to imbibe those in children as well. But how many of us patiently sit with children to tell them a story about some Utopian land and at the end which teaches and not preaches?

Ohh, my cake is almost ready and it needs some decoration. While i go ahead with my work, i suggest u too can bake a cake and enjoy without any reason...Cheers!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sultry Summer

Well nobody in my native place is convinced when i explain them its summer here. 'Summers, unbelievable', that's what they tell me. While my homeland is almost boiling in the sweltering heat and praying for rains, I am happy with the bright sun that shining up my head. The chirping birds, the humid climate is just a perfect day for me.

As my wind chime, which i have recently bought, is making some gentle tapping at the window i find its sound very soothing to my ears. I remember once me and my brother had a row over a wind chime whose color was pink and he vehemently objected to the color. Needless to say i won.

Pink is perhaps one such color which finds its place in every woman's wardrobe or home. The color itself brings a sense of smile or warmth which is inexplicable. Of course i have a pair of pink sandals which i lovingly bought them but never managed to wear them. There are perhaps a lot of stuff in every girls wardrobe which we buy, but never muster enough courage to wear them thinking that they would make us look like a buffoon. The impulsive shopper in us makes its way i guess....

My mother never approved pink curtains, pink crockery, pink door mats albeit i used to die for. Even though she too had a soft corner for the color yet she kept in mind the likes and dislikes of others in the family. Now when i go for shopping i understand how true she was. We women always think of our family before thinking about ourselves. Except for our look which cannot always be dictated by others and we need to give it a priority, rest everything comes secondary. Right form the doormat to the table linen everyone's choice needs to be taken into consideration.

Every single mistake reminds me of my mother and her teachings which perhaps had i learnt at that time would not have been a mistake now.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wedding Bells

While flipping through the pages of the newspaper this morning, i got a cranky call from a friend of mine whom i met on my recent visit to India. Cranky call, yes that's right, i prefer to call it that way since she never rather hardly gives me a chance to talk. The one sided conversation always lasts for a few minutes since she doesn't want the network service provider to make money out of her number.

She was in high spirits when she said "hello". I could instantaneously make out that she happy or excited or whatever. Even though she is quite susceptible to all the emotions of life yet her voice made my thoughts stronger. Blessed with a sweet voice, she shared the news that she is getting married. "Getting married, wow"--I exclaimed! What better news then this early in the morning that someday is getting married.
As i mentioned about one sided conversation,she gave me a quick synopsis about her fiancee. I wish i could see her blushing, that would have surely added some more fun to this conversation. How i wish i could have given her a hug to express my happiness, my joy and my best wishes to this dear friend of mine whom i always want to be happy.

As we hung up the phone, my mind got flooded with memories of my dear friend, the days we spent discussing the big word 'marriage'. It certainly seemed ambiguous to us then and now when she is on the threshold of this uncharted territory i want to relive those moments!!!

Marriage epitomizes a lot of things. She will step into a new world full of responsibilities, liabilities, challenges. She will have to juggle between home and work and most painfully leave behind her parents and home. It's a moment she will experience soon and my heart cries for her.

Leaving so many memories and thoughts aside, i have decided to call her up this weekend so that i can pacify my mind about my curiosity of her new trousseau, her honeymoon plans and etc etc. Oh yes, i need to know about her new fetish as well, so that i can gift her something memorable. The last time i asked her it was her love for earrings, and i am sure it has changed. I seriously hope she will give me a chance to ask these questions.

Monday, April 5, 2010

It a humid spring afternoon and i am lazily seated on my favorite chair where i spend several hours of the day reading, gazing through the window or simply sharing simple anecdotes.

Summer here is splendent. Bright, humid & of course the vivacious Cherry Blossom. I simply find them mesmerizing. On a recent visit to Washington via Baltimore where we stopped to visit at the National Aquarium i realised how much happiness these aquatic creatures can give by their sheer look. Even though they are almost a captive yet one cannot stop but wonder how delicate these creatures help us in several ways. Even a cursory glance at them made me fall in love with some of the fishes whose names i have happily forgotten. I was so enamored by their color & movements that the names written below each of them almost escaped my eyes.

All through the way i was pretty excited about the seeing Dolphins. Yes, i saw them on television especially on the wild life channel & always dreamt of watching them live someday. My heart fluttered with happiness when i saw them dancing and diving in front of me. They dived, splashed water, played with the ball that was provided to them. These creatures danced & for a moment made me realize how beautifully they have been tamed. They carried out all the instructions and perhaps provided me with some unforgettable moments.

While writing this blog, another thought that is creeping in my mind is that wish we could tame our mind!!! Wish we could tame to it be happy when ever our hurt instructed or vice a versa.Wish no irksome words or thoughts could ruin our thought process. Well perhaps and perhaps.....

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Easter

As another week comes to a close, people including me are overjoyed since its a long weekend. Long weekend, did i say that? Yeah.....Lots of planning how to spend the three days, which when comes disappears quite surreptitiously. It's a bright sunny day and i see a lot of people moving doing some quick shopping. Shopping, itself is an addictive word according to me. Most of them are perhaps buying eatables to munch while driving albeit there are some who are preparing for the Easter. Leaving aside the shopping part well, every festival on this earth spreads a silent message. To live in peace and to spread cheer and joy wherever you go.

I can go on length describing our various festivals and how they are celebrated but given the fact that we both have to hit the road early morning stops me from doing so. Packing is the worst part of any trip and in my opinion unpacking is all the more chaotic. I remember on our last trip i forgot to take my box of cosmetics. Needless to say about my pain and my skin which was almost getting dehydrated due to lack of moisturizers!!! Well, my husband was pretty amused with that since i didn't take long time to get ready.. Thankfully that was a two day trip else i would have gone berserk.

Memories, the only thing that stays with us forever and ever. So, go out my friends and make your this holiday or trip a memorable one because these memories at times become the sustenance of life...

Happy Easter and Happy Holidays!!!!!!!