Thursday, April 22, 2010


My ring is missing, my ring is missing & i am sobbing.....Yes, my cute little ring which used to sit on my ring finger with pride is longer with me...I bought that with my hard earned money and it was very special to me. There are some things with which we share special bonding or attachment and my ring was one of those.

Attachment is a sort of infectious. We are attached to so many things of life and many of us get obsessed to a certain extent. One of our neighbors back in my home town was so attached to her pet that she could never imagine her life beyond her dog. The dog used to follow her wherever she went, share the same room. There were numerous occasions when she refused to attend any social functions or marriages of her relatives because she feared her dog would feel isolated. Her cousins decreased the frequency of their visits due to lack of attention.

The day her poor pet died she was inconsolable. Neighbors called the doctor and she had to be put on sedatives so that she could sleep for a while. Her tears moved everyone especially the kids who were equally fond of her dog!!!! The last time i visited her i saw a huge photograph neatly framed where she shared the space with her adorable dog. Her words still fumble at the very mention of the photograph. She can never forget.

Among the various facets of life, attachment is perhaps one such facet which is strongly in each one us. The feeling just needs to be tamed so that excessive use of this do not make us go weak in our knees. I just wish i too can detach this attachment for my ring, but i would not like to part away with the memories.........


  1. attachment with ring can be detached
    attachment with dog can be detached
    but what do u do with your attachment with humans? or what do you do your detachment with yourself?....sometimes questions are the answers.... keep walking!!!

  2. its very easy to get attached to things,humans,sometimes people attach with skin,my hair,bla bla bla
    but at the end of the day everyone has to go...