Thursday, April 29, 2010


I received a long forwarded email from a friend of mine earlier this morning dilating about junk food and its adversities. We all belong to an era where fitness regime is of utmost importance. Suffice it to say we all love to have piece of our favorite burger or fries.

A valetudinarian will perhaps think before consuming some stuff which he should avoid at all cost but for a section of the society junk food has become staple diet. We all have heard of dieting and crash dieting and such weighty words but when it strictly comes to abhor those we just throw caution to the wind. An impeccable body is hard to attain but we can give our best to remain healthy. Its quite ironical as well as ludicrous that the friend of mine who has sent or rather forwarded me the email is a victim of obesity. I do not know how he looks now but a recent look at the pictures which he has`uploaded at the social sites indicates that he hasn't changed much. Thanks to all the fast food joints that have recently opened at his neighborhood his fitness regime has gone for a toss. His parents must be growing berserk with his growing age as well as his health. His love for junk food is almost legendary amongst friends. Of course i too want to see my friend happy but more than happiness i want my friend to be healthy.

Well, i am not certainly not the best person to define a diet chart but i can surely dole out a friendly message to take care of our respective health. We do not need to detest our favorite delicacies just keeping eye on what we eat and working out will surely pay off in the long run. Cheers!!!

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