Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I am currently reading a novel which is about relationships and its various facets. Even though i have just completed a few chapters of this wordy novel, yet i just find myself gravitating towards this book. Every line or rather every word has left a lasting impression on my mind...

There are perhaps so many layers in any relationship. Even though the book primarily discusses the entanglement of relationships shared between the family members, yet i could probably relate to them. We all live in family where we get close to either our parents or our siblings. Our affection for them just deepens and we start to take them for granted. Now that i stay away from them i pine for their presence.

A friend of mine who recently lost her father could not stop sobbing when i called her up to offer my condolences. She seemed to be inconsolable and i could feel the hard corners of the absolute truth of life-- death. What troubled me more was the fact that she considered her father to be her best friend and guide of her life. Without him she seemed pretty lost. My attempts to pacify her ended in a fiasco and i ended my conversation praying to God to take good care of my friend!!!!

We all mortal creatures have to leave this world someday. The only difference we can perhaps make on this sojourn to this world is to spread some smile and peace wherever we go so that when we live people crave for our company and when we leave people cry over us.......

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