Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sultry Summer

Well nobody in my native place is convinced when i explain them its summer here. 'Summers, unbelievable', that's what they tell me. While my homeland is almost boiling in the sweltering heat and praying for rains, I am happy with the bright sun that shining up my head. The chirping birds, the humid climate is just a perfect day for me.

As my wind chime, which i have recently bought, is making some gentle tapping at the window i find its sound very soothing to my ears. I remember once me and my brother had a row over a wind chime whose color was pink and he vehemently objected to the color. Needless to say i won.

Pink is perhaps one such color which finds its place in every woman's wardrobe or home. The color itself brings a sense of smile or warmth which is inexplicable. Of course i have a pair of pink sandals which i lovingly bought them but never managed to wear them. There are perhaps a lot of stuff in every girls wardrobe which we buy, but never muster enough courage to wear them thinking that they would make us look like a buffoon. The impulsive shopper in us makes its way i guess....

My mother never approved pink curtains, pink crockery, pink door mats albeit i used to die for. Even though she too had a soft corner for the color yet she kept in mind the likes and dislikes of others in the family. Now when i go for shopping i understand how true she was. We women always think of our family before thinking about ourselves. Except for our look which cannot always be dictated by others and we need to give it a priority, rest everything comes secondary. Right form the doormat to the table linen everyone's choice needs to be taken into consideration.

Every single mistake reminds me of my mother and her teachings which perhaps had i learnt at that time would not have been a mistake now.

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