Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Surprisingly surprised

Umm...what do i write today..hmm..hmmm...After two days of rain, its a beautiful day and i want to spend a lovely afternoon but something stopped me. What? A knock at the door....I rushed towards the door wondering as i wasn't expecting anyone at that time...A tall man was standing at my doorsteps with a packet. Wrapped with a colorful gift paper and a bunch of flowers that could woo any teenager for the man who would gift her, the man smilingly handed me the same. "For me?" I asked. "Yes", he said politely. He wasn't aware of the thoughts that were swimming across my mind....Who could have sent me a gift? or why would someone send me a gift without any occasion.I tried to tax my brain whether i ordered to gift someone. No, came the answer form my brain..."You have a great day, Mam!" the man said. "Thanks & wish you the same", i said rather confusingly.

As i hastily kept the packet and the bunch of flowers on the table, i tried to curb my excitement so that i didn't tear the lovely wrapping paper in an amorphous manner. Taking a knife i tried to cut the tape that was covering the gift in a prudent manner.As my knife smoothly detached the tape questions at the back of my mind also increased.

Ahh...my eyes couldn't believe what i saw...It was the same watch which i saw at the departmental store a few months back...My smile widened at the same time the question regarding the identity of the sender began to torment my mind. I tried the watch on my wrist even though it seemed a li'l big and required some adjustments. I ran my fingers across the lustrous flowers..Suddenly the phone rang and i went to attend. "How is it? Did you like those especially the flowers?" I went dumb and flabbergast for a moment...

Goodness it was my dear husband. Much to my astonishment, it was he who ordered it seeing my deep interest in that watch at the respective store. The flowers were its soft accompaniment. I was almost at loss of words as to how could i express my happiness along with expressing my gratitude. After a brief conversation we hung up.

I was am still touched by his little surprise and i am wondering how to surprise him in the near future.

Anyone with any suggestions????

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