Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Just completed a movie which i was planning to see for quite sometime. Feeling refreshed. The resplendent sun has given way to clouds and i guess there will be afternoon showers . Well, guessing game...Its a dry day outside and my humidifier is pumping hard to maintain the moisture in my room. Poor it!!!

My recent experiment of making a snack went off really well the people who had it and i promised my husband to make it again. Well its 'golguppas'. It almost salivates every tongue and i bet any girl of my land would find it irresistible. This street side delicacy over the years has just attained acceptance and popularity without losing its sheen. The crisp puffed flour balls dipped in mint tamarind water makes us beg for more. After paying obeisance to hygiene, people keep on popping one after the other. Some prefer spicy while others keep it low yet the love for this snack is perhaps irrepressible.

I did not venture much with my experiment. I had stuck to the tried and tested method of making it. The road side taste can never be substituted yet the joy in making a dish for your loved ones gives immense pleasure. It can't be substituted as well. Some one aptly said there are some things money cant buy and for everything else we need our family. To share sorrow or pain, pleasure or gain or possible everything.......Well, i can say about me......


  1. well i can tell u how to get the road side taste to your home made golgappas....don`t wash your hand the whole day before making it...:)...try it ...

  2. i wish you had given the recipe as well....keep walking!!!