Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dark tunnel....

Just when i thought that i have managed to hold myself from walking through some dark tunnels in my life i have once again been diverted to that same route. This route is perhaps everyone meets while walking through the path of life. All wise men have said that we are on a sojourn on this earth and God has sent us with a purpose. This journey starts form our mothers womb to the funeral and throughout this journey we cross several paths. While a toddler parents help in navigating our ways but as we step in our adolescence we decide our ways. How many of us can boast of choosing all the scrupulously ways? There have been many moments when we have been tempted to chose a path where people accompany us only to a certain distance and perhaps leave us in the lurch. We cry, we sob but can only hear our voices echo from some corner of that lonely path. Huh!!! Again its those benevolent people whom we never payed any heed or our affectionate friends who bring us back to see the sunshine.

Walking alone in the journey of life is painful. We need to be surrounded by scrupulous people who can stand by us through any predicament. Those people can be friends, family, spouse or at times children. I know i might be sounding a bit low while writing this but i have closely seen some people who could never return to normalcy after taking a way which wasn't their destination. Life never gave them a second chance and they lost whatever they took pride in. Good family, friends, love...How i wish they could have read or felt those silent insinuations that life tried to provide. Their torpid state of mind only sends doleful vibes.

We always do not need magnanimous people to be with us but let us try and appreciate those people who think for us care for us and above all want us always to be happy in life. Life and relationship is bound to be beautiful, trust me!!!!

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