Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dinner Time...

Different people different taste. You may be wondering what on earth am i exactly talking about? I had a family as guests over dinner at my home a few days back. Since this was the first time i was meeting them i made sure and ensured that everything was just the perfect. The food, the table, cleanliness of my petite sitting area. I enjoy cooking but rustling up something for novice is sure a hard hitting task. Since i wasn't too familiar with their taste buds i decided to play safe with my tried and tested recipes. Nevertheless it involved same amount of time and effort.

Once they arrived, we all spent some time to prattle about showbiz, to weather, to culture, to sports and whatever our minds could possibly discuss. The couple looking dapper in their respective dresses along with their four year old son, shared their parenthood experiences and the pang and anxiety that goes in bringing up a child. The kid kept his parents on toes as well as entertaining us with his facetious activities. Then came the dinner time and i just pressed my fingers with the hope that they like the food which i later realized made indentations.

Well, most of my items really went off well with them and i could gauge that looking at their plates. But my poor salmon dish suffered. Somehow they unanimously do not like salmon and it just lay at one corner of the table. Even they were generous with their apologetic words yet my effort in that dish went waste. Poor me!!!!! Somehow i relieved my mind from brooding and asked my husband to help them with the sweet dish. My husband has perhaps more that one sweet tooth and he always emphasizes on sweet dishes. The kid of course had more food on the wooden surface and the carpet rather than on his plate. He was probably interested in chocolate ice cream which i offered him as bribe on the condition if he had a few morsel. After the dinner we spent some more time before they left.

The next day was spent cleaning the floor. I also realized that it is impossible in life to keep up to everyone's expectations. But that should not deter us from trying it. We can fail but hard work in any arena never fails.......


  1. ''...I also realized that it is impossible in life to keep up to everyone's expectations.''

    This brings to mind one of Aesope's Fables - The Man Who Tried to Please Everybody.
    With so many people, each excepting differently, its impossible to keep up to their expection. We should rather be true to our purpose and belief and fulfill, most importantly, one's own expection. Please everyone at one go is bound to be futile!