Sunday, May 2, 2010


My entire body is crippled with pain from my roller coaster experience at an adventure island yesterday. Some sheer moments of fun and body wrecking.This wasn't the first time i went for some joy rides. Even in my childhood me with my family and later on with my friends would go to the local fair held once in a year. The rides used to allure me. Later in my growing years we visited places where i have been exposed to various rides. I have never been an adrenaline junkie in this regard but my yesterday's experience perhaps has changed all my notion!!!

Well i of course didn't sit on those merry-go-rounds or the usual stuff. On the contrary i was convinced by my husband and friends to sit on rides which shoots up at the height of 180 feet. Phew!!!!! It not only pops up in the air but twists and turns, throws down and takes up and then mercifully takes us down. Some unadulterated moments of thrill....

I can never jot down in words how i felt at those moments but anyone who can read my eyes will come to know at a glance. I am also aware of the fact that this isn't a huge feat considering the truth that children in their early teens were also enjoying these. Those inexplicable moments will perhaps always be moral boosters for me whenever i feel low. I can safely convince myself that if can almost kiss the sky, no work is impossible. I can soar, i can fly!!! The brains who created these rides also perhaps didn't set any limits. For them the sky was just the limit.

I wish my sense of freedom and rationality just soars higher and higher. I want to cry, i want to fly. I want to be seen, i want to sing...I want and want..Well our 'wants' never stop. So, let me stop!!!!!!

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