Thursday, May 27, 2010

In a soup...

The roaring of the clouds, the lightning in the skies and the sound of the pouring rain. A great band it seems even though i do not enjoy it. Rain kinda makes me feel depressed. It gives me a sense of helplessness and captivity but back in my native place its the other way around. Mother Nature always startles us....

I am particularly happy with a friend of mine who encouraged my free spirit to write. Even though i remain skeptical how people react if by any chance they go through my lines, he tried to conciliate my mind. Even he is hooked to this love for writing and perhaps understands the nuances better then me thus helping me..Got a good feeling...Thank you my friend.

The rain isn't showing any stop sign. I am yawning and wondering if any soup can lift my mood. Well then i have to dig in my refrigerator shelves hoping to find some veggies for my soup. I am not planning any elaborate soup since my stock is limited yet let me try. If by chance you feel hungry and want a bowl of soup please feel free to let me know. (Grins.......)

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