Friday, May 7, 2010

It's weekend folks

Awww Friday...when most of the people rejoice that its time for another weekend and hit the pubs and restaurants, we choose to have vegetarian food on this day. No compulsion albeit voluntary !!! Lots of veggies, lentils and desserts minus eggs...The tradition has almost been passed on to me by my mother-in-law without any obligations and i gleefully agreed to it.

When it comes to mothers every string of our hearts are attached. Epitome of love, compassion and i can go on and on yet i will fall short of adjectives describing mother. As an old saying which says that God cannot be everywhere so he created mothers. How true!!!! I cannot pinpoint any occasion when i miss her the most but whenever i fall sick i miss her gentle touch, her presence. No medicine perhaps cannot perhaps meet her healing touch. This is one stop place where i can shed tears, find solace, comfort and inner strength to carry on.

Life is so strange, i believe!!! When i used to be at 'my' home with my mother i always fought over food insisting on that wasn't made as per my requirements. Now years after when i cook for my family, i realize how inconsiderate i have been towards her at times. But she is my mother. She forgave all and happily rustled up something else to satisfy my taste buds!!! I miss her so much.. Wish i had listened to all her wise words. lol!!!

As mentioned earlier its friday i cannot pamper myself or indulge in my favorite pizza. Yet i am planning to make something invigorating. Hmm, i am thinking and before my thoughts take me to some other planet here's wishing everyone a happy weekend!!!

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