Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Leniency and Clemency

The drizzle outside has added chill to the weather and i am savoring my tomato cream soup. yum yum!!! The aromatic herbs have added a distinct flavor to its taste. Though my salad plate isn't looking cheerful yet i have managed to have a few morsels.

In my last blog i wished for a bright sunny day but the weather today is depressing. I called up my parents this morning only to be saddened by some unwanted news. These news even though they aren't connected to me yet makes its impact felt. The repercussions are always deep. Let me end this topic here.

I have learnt one very important lesson from life--clemency. Even though i am still at an infantile stage when it comes to discuss life yet in my short span, life has taught me the art of clemency even though my memory never wipes them off...i wonder at times how i grew with my every mistake. At times these seem so funny, yet every mistake in the kitchen taught me the proportion of the condiments. I remember the first time i cooked my father encouraged to cook more but my brother laughed his lungs out. Not to mention about the food.

Leaving aside the funny side the`stoical part of me has definitely emerged. I think i should wind up for the day as too many adjectives isn't good for my!!!

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