Tuesday, May 11, 2010


This weekend i was surrounded by a few close family friends whom i would like to term them as jovial. It's always nice to be surrounded by people who radiate positivity and fun. Their simple outlook towards life and their uncomplicated nature persuaded me to meet them sometime very soon. I admire their simplicity and their gentle hearts.

There are umpteen moments in our lives when we yearn for some light moments, a kind smile, a shoulder to rest or rather places where we can seek some solace. But difficult times drifts us away from those things. We all go through lean phases in our lives and these light moments gives us the strength to walk through.

Well, today's writing is perhaps reflecting the dull weather outside. It's a gloomy day and laziness is creeping upon me. Wanted to go for a siesta but some queer thoughts is irking me which i cannot fathom. I want to put them at rest. Often i ask myself, why cant we always be happy? I will answer myself. Mood is just like weather, though the key to happiness lies within us. If there is no winter we cannot appreciate the summer or welcome the rains. Back in my hometown after a day of scorching heat we pray for rains so that we get some unperturbed sleep. This is life perhaps. We crib for other people's possession rather than being happy with whatever we have. We fail to appreciate when we have those moments and shed tears when those moments pass away.

But peeping outside the window i am feeling that the evening should pass early so that another bright sunny day ushers in...Have a great evening or good night my friends...

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