Thursday, May 6, 2010

Treasured thoughts.......

My school friend after quite some time called me up and we had a long chat. Old memories brought back. Memories are such a wonderful thing only if it doesn't haunt. Lol!!! We discussed our school days, crushes and infatuation our present lives, and brooding over the fact that we do not get to meet. We laughed and enjoyed our conversation thoroughly....

I can describe from my own experiences how memories at times become ailment nurturing our sad heart. There are times when i miss my home and parents and that is when i remind myself of the time when we shared so many wondrous years. Those days will never be back but those memories shall ever remain green in my garden of memories....They say, experience is the best teacher, but in my opinion parents are the best guide. The untold words, the suppressed emotions, the perplexed or bewildered thoughts can be easily fathomed by them. These memories i can safely say we all love to cherish.

Not all memories are pleasant. As mentioned earlier some memories can be haunting as well. There are memories we really want to bury in some corner of our heart but some how some circumstances makes those memories creep. Let our determination be the shield which can protect our present from any unwanted memories. My brother-in-law says he wants to forget an epoch of his life or say as to say a few chapters of his life. I wonder will running away from those memories help? I have never been coy rather i have been a very docile person who doesn't want all memories to pent up in my heart. They can safely be stored in some part of my brain and can be used as reference as and only when need arises!!!

A lot of things are popping in my mind now. Some treasured memories i can share whereas some (u guessed it right) i can't!!! Till i make up mind what i can share here i end now a bit abruptly!!!!

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