Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wandering Mind...

Immediately after our marriage my husband passed a very useful tip. Please don't let your minds wander!!! He said never in life try to please everyone, u will end up making yourself sad. People will overlook your effort and pounce upon you for your mistakes. I can vehemently say he was just too correct. Today i exactly experienced the same feeling. People around me were happy but somewhere in my heart i couldn't persuade myself because in my opinion i couldn't cater to everyone's wishes!!!

May be these are just some frivolous thoughts but it takes a while to coax and cajole to come in tandem with rationality. Mind and heart just wanders and i do not seem to have their reins in my hands. At every step life just opens a package full of surprises which at times i find too hard to react. I wonder at times why can't our parents stay with us forever to guide us to provide solace whenever our minds wander? I know they can't..huh..

The oddity of my husband's statement is that it is true and i have to abide by it if do not want further heart aches. So what if somebody doesn't like me, my face, my home, my family and on and on. I cannot stop living my life. I have to live my life fruitfully so that on one winter afternoon when i sit idly on my recliner i can rejoice in the fact that i have lived life to the hilt. I will pass my tears and tensions so that wrinkles and crinkles stay at my last and emphatic word will be 'thanks' to all those people who have made me realize`this facet of life. Cheers!!!

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