Thursday, June 10, 2010


I have updated my status at a social site about as apology being the strongest adhesive which soothes, heals and mends any broken relation and i seriously mean it. Recently i came to know about a friend whose family had severed their ties with their uncle. This friend being my childhood pal used to share all her stories, grudges and possibly everything until marriage separated us. The geographical boundaries have been too much for us to share our daily life especially when the clocks do not show the same time. Huh!!! Yet, we make some genuine efforts to offer a virtual shoulder to each other in times of distress or madness.

On a recent chat she disclosed that her uncle whom her grandfather disowned and later her father severed their ties had once again been included in the family. All these years he was untraceable until he made his appearance. Her uncle whom my friend remembers to have seen a couple of times during our school days at some function seemed to have lost weight and perhaps a changed person. He came to her father and rest of the family members to apologize for whatever he had done over the last few years. Tears rolled down through everyone's cheeks when he apologised to everyone for his misconduct and wanted to be included in the family once again. After lot of emotional turmoil my friends father finally gave in and he was overjoyed. Later there was a family gathering and my friend flew down to be a part of the celebration. This was something she just could not afford to miss. For the very first time she spoke to her uncle as a family member rather than a guest.

Later when she narrated i could feel her choking voice and the underlying happiness as she could not stop praising her fathers decision. Forgiving is an art and not many people excel in that. We waste so much time brooding over other people's happiness. Lets not waste any time in forgiving our near ones whom we are yet to forget and fill our lives with some more happiness...

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