Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Click Click...

I am quite amused by the photography passion which is slowly gripping everyone. All of a sudden people seem to be bitten the love for taking perfect clicks. We like to capture every moment, every movement and every little detail which our eyes can grab of. When we were younger even we saw beautiful flowers, mountains but never felt the necessity to share with the world. Our memories were enough to narrate to our friends and families. They could perhaps instantly read in our eyes and gauge our happiness.Thanks to the digital world, now even if a shot isn't perfect we keep on clicking till we get our desired picture & delete the rest. We are more cautious before the camera, posing for the perfect click before we garner adulation's from our friends. Funny, Huh!!!!! Hundreds of people share their captured moments of their families, trips, children and what not. Of course i am not an exception in this regard. There are people who do not even mind posing at parking lot, near the restrooms and such other places which seems whimsical to me.

Of course not to forget about the kind friends and relatives who dole out all their expressive words in praising the sense of photographer, the perfect timing, the dress or costume worn or the backdrop (forget about the person). Not all of us have aesthetic of taking a perfect picture but we never fight shy with our word.

Even though it is quite appreciable that the development of modern technology has made helped us to share our treasured moments yet it also gives us an opportunity to sneak peak into each others lives. I ma not talking about those exceptions who do not provide rights to share their photographs. But nevertheless living far from home when one can see the photographs of their loved ones it definitely brings inexplicable joy to the heart. Let all of us learn to share so that we all can be equal participants in each others happiness.....

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