Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Father's Day

It has been a hot summer week and yes everyone's loving it. Not to mention the occasional showers which helped us to keep cool. This week has been a choc-a-bloc with many things. I had to walk some extra miles to get my things done. The pending stuff which both me & my husband have been ignoring over a few months have finally been taken care of. How happy i feel!!! My tender shoulders don't feel over burdened anymore and yes i need an invigorating foot massage to take care of my dehydrated feet. My husband always teases that we women just need an excuse to go for shopping or visit the local parlor. True, i agree and if by any chance any girl or women is going through these lines will perhaps smilingly agree with me.

Let me share an anecdote which took place while i was running between the errands to get my job done. On father's day when all the children tried to shower their affection towards their respective fathers through some flowers or cards to some expensive gifts there was one father son duo who taught me some valuable lesson in life.

The teenage son was physically challenged and was moving around the shopping center with his father seated on a wheel chair. His words were indistinct and somehow he persuaded his father to take him inside a shop which was selling good shirts at very affordable prices. His father took him but the teenager had some other plans. With babbling words he expressed that he wanted his father to try some shirts which his father smilingly refused but had to give in to his son's demand.

After an hour of trial they were unable to find the correct size. The son started to throw tantrums and yell. The embarrassed father tried hard to mellow his son but failed to do so. The irritated father started to walk fast pushing his chair, but his son stopped holding his hands. This time in a much soft voice & tears in his eyes he started to say something. The father went near his son & tried hard to interpret. Tears stated to flow through his cheeks when he found out what he said. It was Father's day & the son wanted to buy his father a shirt with his hard saved money. He said since he could not move freely so he asked for his assistance & the unavailability led him loose his temper. The father hugged his son tightly & in choked voice said this was the greatest gift he received- loving thoughts. People standing around couldn't stop their tears and applauded both of them.

In life we blindly take care of so many mundane things but we should never forget to share our truest emotions for the people we sincerely we love & care & this son has surely taught me this.

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