Friday, June 11, 2010

Its all in words...

Some petty things in the morning just seem to make your day. These may be so trivial to us yet we experience some untold happiness and we possibly try to spread this happiness through our work. This morning i spoke with one of my aunts with whom i am yet to meet. I have seen her photographs and of her family yet never really had any chance to meet them.

When i spoke to her i could feel the warmth of her loving words, her enticing voice. It wasn't as if spoke to her at length but our short conversation has undoubtedly left an impression in my mind. The feel good factor certainly made its presence felt.

Our elders have always advised us to use words judiciously. Words which works wonder at very place needs some careful placement. But the flip side is if used unnecessary or in excess brings unwanted sorrow. In this mechanical world where we all are rushing a few loving words gives great consequences. An enthusiastic pat, a loving kiss, a warm hug, a benevolent smile indeed does make a difference. Mellowing down even the harshest words helps any fragile relationship turn into rock solid.

A famous band sang, "its only words and words are all i have to take your heart away". Try it...

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