Thursday, July 15, 2010

Foood for Thought

Ok, ok so a lot of people all over the world keep on emphasizing about health, fitness, diet food and doling out what to eat and what not. Now that the World Cup is over and you have accumulated a flab around your tummy munching those popcorn laced with butter and the so called diet sodas (which in fact do contain calories). You are coaxing yourself why did you let yourself have those sinful pastries at the recent party at your friends place. The wedding you recently attended must have surely allured you to dig at the lavish spreads. And now.....Of course u find your jeans a bit uncomfortable or your tummy tucked out a bit or your envious cheekbones camouflaged by some ounces.

Well, we all think so much about our diet these days. We want to eat but want to remain fit. Do they always go simultaneously? Only the lucky ones can afford to agree. The internet is flooded with articles and journals about diets, dietary food, crash diets and what not. The calorie conscious people perhaps scan every item they pick from the shelves of the grocery before they buy or have it. Not all of us have the will power to control our tongue. Our tongues are constantly tantalized by the butter cookies, pastries that we see or the juicy chicken that we find hard to resist. We have them without any panic only to crib later on. Lets not forget the vegetarian who like their share of veggie rolls, fries and dips loaded with fat and calories.

To possess good health is a blessing and to maintain that is our dedication. But lets not deprive ourselves from eating, munching which is also a joy in itself. Of course calorie conscious will frown if by chance they go through these lines. At times food acts a stress buster but in that process we tend to eat more which is unhealthy as well. I do not want to divulge deep regarding what should be consumed or what not but what i want to share is if you really love food never deprive yourself. Sometimes the real taste of life lies in food.

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