Monday, July 26, 2010


When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure. Wow, what an excellent piece of thought. We all have memories some which we we love to cling and hold on to our heart and perhaps some which we bury them. With time even memories fade away yet there are memories which can never be deleted. Marriage, childbirth, our first job or salary which are life time experiences are those wonderful ones which always remain special and enriches our memories.

I miss my childhood days, my fun & frolic with my sibling and friends and those memories which makes me smile whenever i think of them. Not all memories are wonderful yet it is always better to eschew the sadistic ones. Bad memories in some cases leads to revenge, jealousy, resentment turning a person into covetous. We deliberately keep those memories fresh so that the pain caused by them reminds us to beat them & move ahead in life. Well condonation doesn't come easily. We terminate our relationships when bad memories adds fuel to the unwanted happenings in our life. Ask any mother about her childbirth and her eyes will sparkle but ask any couple who have been through tumultuous relationship the difference need not be stated.

As a wise man said always wear a smile who ever crosses your way because that may be the only smile he sees in the entire day. A smile serenades and adds to your good memories. Analyze yourself and ask how much good and bad memories you have about any given circumstances of life. The answer will perhaps help you to erase those unwanted ones and embrace life more gleefully...

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