Thursday, September 9, 2010

Flower Power

As snappy breeze is flowing across my window where i have cuddled up in a chair, the laptop is all the more extending its warmth. It's been a mixed day and strangely i haven't spoken to anyone in the last couple of hours. Too many ideas are getting clogged so thought of channelizing my ideas and energy into something constructive. You may wonder what? I knew!!!!

Women mostly love flowers and i am no exception. So i decided to visit the local florists to check the stock. The mesmerizing fragrances and the blooming flowers caught my imagination. To me perhaps every flower was saying a story. The delicate petals, the velvety roses the soft and supple carnations, orchids and what not. For a few moments i got lost in my virtual paradise...

The weather outside is changing. Leaves are about to fall. In a few days from now the strong winds will ruthlessly wither all the leaves from the tree giving it a barren look. Everything will wear a plastic look and then perhaps flowers will will be the savior to cheer us....My mind was constantly fiddling with the flowers until i decided to buy a bunch of roses and an assorted bouquet. Without a word i paid for my purchases since the lady at the counter too did not utter a single word. As i walked towards my home, i tried hard to protect my tender flowers so that the winds do not rob the delicacy of my pretty flowers.

My next task was to arrange these flowers. What better way to spend my time. I tried a lot of styles as per my mood swings but none could appeal my senses. I let me imagination rule my mind and after a lot of dabbling completed my task. Well this wasn't certainly the first time that i bought flowers, but yes it was the very first time that i made a bouquet of my own rather than just placing the flowers in the vase. I know you might say, this isn't a herculean task but for an amateur it surely is.

Well my job didn't end here. I thought of exercising my photography skills (which according to my husband is nebulous) as a testimony of my hard work. If you ask me about job satisfaction it certainly relaxed my nerves. In life sometimes doing something just to maintain equanimity of life soothes our mind and senses. Trust me!!!!

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