Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Old age

Someone told me today, "We are born as a child and we die as a child." Seated lackadaisical in moving car, i tried to ponder over the simple line. When we are born our parents apprehensively wait to take us around their arms, snuggle and experience those priceless moments. Those moments they cherish till their last breath. Our parents lovingly witness as each day we grow. Everyday, every moment, they almost breathe through us trying to inculcate all the possible virtues. Some we learn and some we ignore only to retaliate later.

But now the question about our parents gradually shifting back to childhood. Yes, as every bird leaves its nest and in search of food and survival, even we drift to make a living for ourselves.In the process of finding a living or settling down we are away from our sweet home. Our parents are left behind and we do not get to see them as often as possible. With time, with age they need our love and attention just they way we wanted as a child. Our pleas for for toys/dolls or sweets were often answered by our parents and when they grow old its time when we pamper them with all the love and affection that they require. No they do not want toys or sweets but they need our attention our helping hand.

Their wrinkled skins, trembling hands, forgetfulness are all symbolization of an 'old child'. That's how i like to put that. The flourishing old age homes are a silent testimony of the fact that we all are too busy to take care of them who have patiently brought us up. We are happy to be parents but unhappy to take care of our old parents. We fight with our children and forget but altercation with our parents leads to separation. We all happily like to remember our grandparents who used to pamper us with cookies and bed time stories then why deprive our children from that pleasure? I can apprehend a lot of us are victim of unfavorable circumstances wherein we cannot meet them frequently or are bound by some restrictions but we can make sure that we can give them a comfortable old age.Our parents laugh when we laugh and cry when we. So consider them not as family but as a part of 'you'.

As our car comes to halt at a grocery store, i step down quickly to fill my cart. I see an old couple happily coming out discussing about thanksgiving and trying to recollect if they have missed out something which their son loves to have. The old lady adjusting my spectacles wonders if her son's love for dessert has changed since as a child he used to love and she hasn't seen him in last one year. My heart fluttered for a while reminding me of my parents and i call them up only to be convinced by my mom that they had their food on time and they are well.

Its time folks we realize that how helpless our parents feel when we are not around them in their old age. They need a few loving words, a kind helping hand and the warmth of their families....They need 'U'....

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