Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells,
Jingle all the way!
Oh, what fun it is to ride
In a one-horse open sleigh.

Its Christmas time again. Ahh i can already smell so many things. The air is filled with the aroma of cakes and pastries and it's party time folks... The crammed shopping malls trying to entice the shoppers with the huge discounts, the glittering Christmas trees, the biting cold adding its own touch to this festive season cumulatively makes up for the season. But what really makes my adrenaline groove are the amazing cakes at the shop. Even though not a die hard fan of sweets yet cakes somehow melts my heart. The glitters, the shapes, the various flavors, the cookies and and and what not. My love for cake is eternal even though i am yet to master the art of baking a perfect one.

Apart from my love for cakes what really makes me happy when i see excited people doing shopping for their loved ones. The smile on their faces especially when they are able to purchase some goodies which their beloved ones they think would love it. Perhaps that's the reason they say face is the index of mind!!! Children running after their parents for their favorite toys, little girls clinging to the dolls while their mummy is busy checking the latest cosmetics and the offered discounts and their fathers checking the latest gadgets. Everyone wants the best deal and the best possible gifts. The elderly people helping each other for buying goodies. The families carrying a Christmas tree home. This tree is not merely a tree but a huge tree of happiness which the family members lovingly decorate.The evenings are equally colorful with people having brightly enhanced their houses with lights and other embellishments.

Unlike lots of people across the globe who are waiting for Santa to fulfill their secret wishes even i am waiting for Santa... Hope he is listening to my wish/wishes. Greedy people like me can't have just one wish...ha ha ha. But i promise him i will be happy with whatever he gives me. Lol!!!! Making a wish isn't bad or injurious to health but what we should bear in our mind is that we shouldn't expect that all our wishes will be heard and fulfilled. Limiting our expectations will be helpful for ourselves.

Let's celebrate this wonderful time of the year with the big word 'forgiveness' besides all other things. Lets not carry any grudges to next year. It will just increase our burden. Let's soak ourselves in this festive season and let love and good wishes follow us everywhere.Wishing everyone a HAPPY CHRISTMAS and a wonderful HAPPY NEW YEAR. God bless all.....

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


The rain is beating hard on my window panes from i am trying to catch a glimpse of the road below. The cars are moving slowly and the car wipers are struggling with their job. Despite the strong rain, the wind is carrying the aroma of the fresh cookies or cakes from the nearby bakery and quite frankly i just love whenever i get a whiff of that. I quickly roll down my window so that the heavy rain drops do not drench my stuff. Am i missing something? Yes, yes, a cup of hot latte or a bowl of my favorite tomato soup. Well, getting the former was easier for me. Even though my heart was yearning for a fresh cookie or a brownie the rain and the wind stopped me.

My next task was to expunge those emails which were inessential.Spams, spams and more spams. Gosh, i must have forgotten them and they were happily residing in my mail box for quite sometime. Now, u will have to leave and give my inbox some breathing space. Outside the rain is getting harder. Among those deleted emails there was one email which was sent perhaps from any children's organization asking for help for those lesser fortunate ones. There was also a site which led me to a series of pictures depicting those malnourished poverty stricken children. A child's face melts anyone's heart but if the face is of a distressed child we feel all the more. The site did not directly ask me for cash but tacitly mentioned about a helping hand. So i was all the more perplexed. I could have promptly deleted the email unlike the others but before deleting i wanted to check its authenticity. I tried and perhaps used my little internet skill of browsing to arrive at a conclusion but without result. Lastly i decided to delete the email.

I have deleted it then why do i think about it and write a blog of two hundred words? Perhaps the images of those children have stuck with me. There will be perhaps very few people in this planet who aren't moved by the plight of distressed children. These children who have the equal rights unlike the others in their neighborhood are often the victims of those situations which we prefer not to discuss with our children at home. We feel discussing these would be hazardous to the tender minds and hearts of our children. But those poor little ones who are trapped in those dark world and yet smiling through their misfortunes? Do we really do or can do for those little ones? I know simply thinking is no solution and these words aren't going to help me either. At the moment all i can do is to pray to God. I think we all can do this if not anything. God bless and protect those...Amen...