Sunday, January 30, 2011

The lost kitten

With the superfluous snow this year it seems to be an all ice zone. Snowfall besides restricting mobility doesn't stop anything. Life just passes by; irrespective of whether we move with it or not. On a cold windy but a sunny day, I bravely step out to visit a local salon. More than just pampering, in winters it becomes more of a necessity to visit the salon when your fingers or your feet become dull and scream for some additional cream. My chipped off nails were almost an insinuation to that fact...

As i started walking down the pavement the strong winds almost ruined my hair. My well combed hair was messy and this required no evidence. The feeble sun rays weren't enough to provide warmth. While walking i saw a small kitten running through the middle of the pavement. While there are many people in this world who consider it to be a bad omen if a cat crosses their road, i somehow have overcome this thought years back. The small kitten was petrified as well as confused thus giving me an impression that it had lost its owner.

Gradually i try to walk towards that frightened kitten who was trying to run as fast as it could. I sensed that the more i go nearer the harder it tried to run away. So i stood there so that the kitten could see and realize that i am harmless. I enjoyed the kitten playing peek-a-boo . The strong winds made difficult for me to stand while the poor kitten was also uncomfortable. Slowly the kitten tried to walk towards me while certainly it had its inhibitions. I stood there for a while.

They say love knows no language. Sensing that i am harmless the kitten came near me & started to lean towards me.I bent down lifted the poor kitten which seemed to be trembling due to wind and cold. My heart melted for a while. As i started patting and running my fingers across its back I could feel how eased the kitten was feeling. After a few minutes i saw a lady was hastily walking around perhaps in search of something or someone. My assumptions weren't wrong since she was looking for her kitten whom she she thought was lost. She was absolutely delighted when she saw her kitten sitting comfortably in my lap. Her eyes almost lighted up and she couldn't help stop thanking me.

As we both bid goodbye to each other and started walking our ways i felt contended somewhere deep down my heart. May be it was sense of gratitude the lady was trying to express or the sense of security the kitten perhaps felt when i lifted it at my hands or or or...I don't know but i was happy...

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