Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Year 2011

Hurray!!! As we stepped into new year 2011 nineteen days back we all have made lots of promises to ourselves, our loved ones. Some promises have already been blown with the wind while some are still standing against time. My chubby friend who each year promises to shed those extra pounds only to give up in the mid way has made the same promise this time. She vehemently declared to all of us that, even if she doesn't go for a dieting she would never touch 'sweets' which at times seems inseparable from her. Even before the first month of the year is yet to pass by she seems to have forgotten her profound resolution.

At a recent birthday party she just let her hair down and enjoyed all the sweet delicacies that was probably on her no-no list. Even though her friends bumped at her at the very sight, she was too engrossed to participate in that satirical conversation. The manner in which she was enjoying reminded me of one gentle thought: Live life to the fullest. Even though i do want my friend to lose those extra flab yet her infectious smile compelled me to share the table with her that evening. I just could not help stop laughing and ofcourse didn't forget to take snaps of her wonderful gestures.

Many of us have perhaps made lots of resolutions to lose weight, to quit smoking or drinking excessively, to work hard, to be more responsible towards our home and relationships and what not. But its indeed a naked truth that we forget those promises. The New Year party ends and so does our promises. A friend of mine has promised that she would be more stringent with herself when it comes to shopping. Now this is something women folk can never abide by. A yearly sale on favorite brand of clothes and cosmetics and up flies the promise. Phew!!!! Women can never keep this promise.

Even though the month of January is swiftly passing by, i am still wondering what are the changes that this year has brought along. While i am still wondering and discovering you guys can go ahead and recollect if you have made any new year resolutions which u have happily forgotten!!!!

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