Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Shaker

The chill in the air is still very strong and the weather change is surely making some people like me a bit sick. Suffice it to say lot of people are waiting with equanimity for the spring or rather the summers to arrive at the earliest. The withered trees, the dull gardens have borne enough of snow and storms and are perhaps screaming for a change in the weather.

Well, nature is all puissant and has its own law. The recent earthquake in our world bears a strong testimony to the fact that how vulnerable we are in front of nature. It perhaps takes a few minutes for nature to take everything away from us which we considered to be our own. No materialistic comforts, no vices or vanity. We give our entire life to achieve our dreams and it cripples within minutes.

As few wise men already said and perhaps, there are very few who still say, that nothing in this world is perpetual except for love and humanity only if we understand these qualities. Our permanent house is never permanent, we just dwell there for a period of time. Its strange how we try to cling ourselves to every thing around us. In this process we get so annexed that we forget that someday we have to detach ourselves from that even if that means our closest relationships.

The recent earth quake has been perhaps an eye opener for millions of people world wide who never associated themselves from the word 'detachment'. Its time when we all realize the importance of love and kindness towards each else Mother nature will have to take steps to make us realize us in a way which we perhaps don't want to even fathom.....

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