Thursday, June 23, 2011


As a rainy and a gloomy week comes to an end, I am hoping for a fresh sunny week ahead, hallmark of English summer. Summers are a welcome relief from the grueling & ruthless winter. Even a brief stroll at a nearby park on a hot summer weekend is sure to rejuvenate your senses with the aroma of barbecue. Don't worry if you are a vegetarian,you can always have those fresh corns, baked potatoes or vegetables with your favorite dipping. Ah, I don't want to deep into food issues, they always make me go weak.

Talking about trying food, I recently visited a local restaurant where their food, drinks and the ambiance is highly appreciated. To satisfy my curiosity, I persuaded my husband to take me there. Once the hostess greeted us with a happy smile knowing that we wanted a table for two, she escorted us to a nice comfortable area where the noise wasn't loud and there was no chance where we could smell what the person seated at our back was having. The waiter happily provided us with the menu and threw some additional information about the days specialty which included the fresh 'Mai Tai' fish and a special soup. My husband considers me to be crazy enough to order a soup on summers but my love for soup is eternal. As the waiter left us to quarrel over what we should eat, an elderly couple sat opposite to us smiling perhaps thinking about their bygone days. Finally we settled for a soup followed by the main course. The waiter was polite enough to make us aware of the quantity of food that would arrive gently dropping a subtle hint that we should order a dessert perhaps later and not make any rush. Even though I understood it pretty later that may be going by built he must have guessed it I would have tough time to complete my main course. Trust me he wasn't wrong either. After having a bowl of soup, I wasn't ready to embrace main course right away.The waiter came to enquire about our well being, perhaps he could gauge my situation and suggested to pack the remaining and jump at the dessert. By that time my stomach was screaming for leniency and my husband was in a satirical mood. I couldn't complete my dessert & left it in midway. The waiter arrived happily with my packed leftover and collected the cheque. I was pretty quick to realize that the dishes weren't meant for people of my stature even when you are almost dead with my hunger.

I learnt my lesson of that day which was first try to have the ability to accept, rest everything will follow. I wanted to try the dishes but couldn't create enough space in my stomach to fit my order. Similarly , in life if we want something first we should have the capacity to bear it and not get bogged down. Life will be perhaps lot easier then!!!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


While chatting online with a friend of mine who has an obnoxious habit of finding faults with others started her own story even before i could probably greet her. We have grown together so i am no stranger to this distinctive feature of hers. Her off late complaint has rather been very amusing. She describes how she has politely sent friend requests to her long lost pals who have over the years separated but only to be found on the various social sites. She excitedly sent them requests hoping to be accepted in their respective friend lists only to be rejected after a point of time.

Funny as it may sound to anyone as it sounded to me, she gives me a long list of people who rejected her friendship proposal whom she was already familiar with in her childhood. Well, this isn't strange i guess. There are people whom despite knowing them intensively or having spent our years of education we politely turn their friend requests. A lot of people, if by any chance go through these lines would perhaps agree. Now there are people who want their friend list to grow as rapidly as a businessman would like his business to grow. Every photo they upload of their vacation of any any special dish they cooked over the weekend needs to be uploaded. A visit to the nearby grocery store or new curtains and upholstery, every moment is captured and allowed for their friends and family to shower their comments. Well, it doesn't end there! The person has to individually thank the people who have been benevolent enough with praises if time permits else a collective thanks should be appreciated.

I forgot about those people who find it crude enough to turn down the friend requests of people with whom they studied in the same school but rarely spoke to them. Years after they do not mind including them in their friend list or sharing their photographs but find it strange enough to enquire about their well being. It's mostly," I am fine", or "thanks" when wished on their birthday that u can occasionally get response from them. Quite strange!!

While my friend may have complaints complaints and only complaints but she is yet to understand that simply finding a place in somebody's friend list doesn't mean u get closer to that person. Its just perhaps as acknowledgement of recognition. I tried my luck explaining her but i am sure my words went to waste. I am certainly hopeful that she might have found a better person to share her weird grief!!!!