Monday, September 19, 2011


The winds are whispering that Autumn is just for a few days visit & will very soon pave the way for winters. The leaves are changing their color giving themselves a short makeover before wearing that barren look. My neighbors are busy digging their garden, cleaning the dried leaves & trying something creative for the coming Halloween. The kids after school join their Mom in digging their small garden & deciding where exactly each toy should be placed. The festive season is arriving. Ohh joy!!!

The festive season in India is brimming with colors, hopes, excitement all across the country amidst all political tension, inflation, natural turbulence and what not. Yet people try to find joy in these festivals forgetting all their mental anguish and soaking themselves in festivity. The rich culture of India allows every individual to participate in all the festivals and celebrate what we call 'life'. I deeply remember as a kid i used to call one of neighbors, whom i never remember had hair calling him 'Gardener Uncle' who had an enviable garden full of roses. All throughout the year he used to painstakingly collect the seasonal roses & cultivate them in his garden. The garden was always blooming & several times on my birthday he gave me a small bouquet of his exquisite roses. Nothing till to date can beat that gift. The garden is no longer there since his family moved but the aroma of those roses somewhat still lingers in my mind and heart. The point why i am remembering my 'Gardener Uncle' here is, he always used to say, 'I never celebrate festival, for me spending time in my garden is like festival where i always find joy.' Simple thought yet full of meaning. I wish i could take cue from his festive life where he almost danced in his garden whenever his roses bloomed.

We all love festivals and these festivals makes us more closer to our family members and friends who comprise our lives. Lets all welcome this festive season with a thought to spread some cheer, to extend a helping hand, to be a blessing in somebody's life. I know you will certainly agree with me. Cheers!!!

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