Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Ah, finally back after a hiatus. This break taught me the most important chapter of my life-parenting. A child is perhaps one of the purest form of a human being. They are loaded with galore of innocence, purity which makes us fall short of words.. Their smile makes us go weak in our knees while their tears melts our hearts. What a beauty!

Life has been a stern taskmaster while i have been obedient student. There have been occasions when i been quite rebellious. While all these years have been spent learning the basic fundamentals of leading a good life, now its been more of self realizations. I can assure i am not turning philosophical, but the basic anecdotes of life is helping me to unfurl and associate my thoughts. Enough to wreckage my brain!

A sneak peep out of my window doesnt make happy since its raining outside. I can almost smell the cookies and the cakes that are being baked at the bakery. Meanwhile i can smell some coffee. Yes, it is ready.Would you care to join me? Trust me i wont turn you philosophical!!!