Saturday, December 22, 2012

Adieu 2012

A nice quiet windy evening. But i dare not use the word 'relax' because most of the times it takes a huge toll. Evening time renders me a lot of ideas and night provides a soft cushion to them. The strong wind is about to blow away my candle placed near the window. Till then the wind is dispersing the aroma of the my scented candle all across the room. The fragrance of the flowers are also adding their touch.

While browsing through my albums I realise how quickly time flies by.The year is about to end. I am still struggling to figure out where and how did the days vanish. Or was it i became too lazy to walk with the changing times. This year it was more of traveling and visiting relatives. Well traveling sounds pretty exciting but the ordeal of packing and unpacking always leaves me unnerved. Wish i could fly like those migratory birds with the changing season. What a fanciful relation it must be of a bird and the wind. The wind flowing across their soft wings allowing them to slide through the air and view the earth as one big family.

As another year bites the dust, we all are trying to planning to welcome the new year which will usher in a couple of days. For some it must surely must have been great year with weddings, promotions, babies, foreign trips and anything their eyes dreamt of. As my eyes roll over the wall and then moves towards my Christmas tree i think of those parents who lost their children, of mothers whose daughters have been horrendously raped, of fathers who lost their loving daughters in accidents. Is there any light in their hearts or their homes? How do they feel when the sudden emptiness of their homes is their new companion?

In today's world of anarchy, brutal murders, mass killing, female foeticide where do we stand while teaching our children? Rather i should say what is our stand? We all love our families but forget our neighbour's families. Sad yet true! My hands tremble, my voice chokes when i think of parents who 'have to' attend their children's funeral. All my prayers are with them.

Let the coming year bring lot of positivity and enlightenment in each one of us. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013 to all!