Thursday, December 19, 2013

Seasons Greetings

Yes, so have reached to the year end. Many of us have planned a nice vacation or planning to spend it with our loved ones. The lights adorned houses, the drizzling snow, the aromatic cake flavors gripping the houses all adds to the festive touch. Most of us who battle hard with sweat for most part of the year look forward to this change of nature.

A few years ago i met one of my school friends who jokingly said she loves winters because she can dive into her wine glasses in this season. She loves wine and the season just gives her a boost to indulge in her choices. Ask me its that time of the year to gratify me taste buds with soup varieties and my favored noodles.  Soups are such a comfort food for me. Lots of vegetables with a dash of cream or lemon juice instantly gives me that kick which perhaps a can of beer might do for a person who is freezing.

As for this festive season unfolds, everyday seems to be like a fresh spring day. May be its due to the happiness we feel inside we find everything colorful and lively. I am not good at baking so do not use my aesthetic skills at this domain. So i heavily rely on the mixes which saves the hassle of ratio and proportions.

This year was a remarkable one in terms of family bonding. Lots of visits and unwinding which was much desired in this mad-go-rush life. I am not a social butterfly but good at bonding with people and being a good host (winks). Some comfort food, some cushions strewn all over, some good movies or music and it sets the good vibes for a good lazy conversations. There is no dearth of troubles or pains or anecdotes to share, sometimes it ends on a sad note or some words of wisdom. Its mostly the kids who end these parties since their energies change to fatigue. The formula fed diaper baby who refuse to sleep when they realise there are extra lights on sometimes stretch for hours together whining and making the mom feel terrible.

But all parties end on a promise that we will meet often so that our children socialize and bond more. But yawns, these never happen. We get trapped in our world and priorities. Lets all hope the coming year brings a lot of prosperity in each one of our lives. may we be blessed with health and happiness and spend lot of quality time with our loved ones.

MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014...............

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Balmy Spring

The golden sun looks all shimmering while the trees are swaying to the tunes of the gentle wind. Summer is softly stepping aside paving way to spring. The weather is so tranquilizing these days. It's that time of the year when Bengalis all across the globe are gearing up to welcome their beloved 'Maa Durga'.

The weather makes so homesick and takes me back to my childhood years when the air would be filled with the smell of fresh lotus and 'shiuli' (flower). Well, press the forward button and now i just see the drop in temperatures. The soft pink lotus are replaced by orchids and poinsettia. Our apartments cannot provide space to the 'shiuli' trees. Of course they need quite some space to spread themselves.

Somehow the weather outside today is mesmerizing my senses. I am getting carried away just like a kid who enjoys while listening to their favorite nursery poems.Summer this year was so fun. Well, the trips were less with fun quotient being more. Less of road trips and more of family fun and picnic. Perhaps these memories will be my comfort food in years to come. Who thinks of anti aging creams now!

With so many gadgets that we have in todays world we can safely save or record those moments only if they dont betray us one fine day.Actually i feel we have the option of too many things. The size of the memory card keeps changing every year due to the overload of photos. We want to capture every moment. We are getting distant with our loved ones and closer to the photos and videos. We want to be loved by people  but prefer to be surrounded by gadgets. Strange. We carry laptop more then we carry our babies. Then what for are the strollers. Strange.

Well my thoughts are taking a different turn now. Let me grab my jacket and head out for a walk to get some fresh spring air. Well, i am not alone. Life without gadgets is unthinkable. Cell phone will accompany me. Folks, i hope you too enjoy whatever you are doing!!!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Busy Busy.....

Mind is full of queries, thoughts and feelings. How to vent them out, no idea. Whom to share with? Perhaps nobody! Who will pacify my inquisitions? Ahh my conscience, who else....Why? Thats because in mad rush of mundane works we are all busy. Yes, the only thing which each one of politely say to excuse ourselves is busy. Running for jobs, rushing for office or meetings, running on the treadmill, running after the baby(s) and we keep running for or from everything.

Funny, isn't it? As the nice breezy warm day settles after a luscious dinner, i sit to vent my pent up thoughts. The week has been 'busy'. Yeah, you read it correct, 'busy' is the word i used diffidently. The weekend has already started with absolutely no concrete plans. Over the last week, i have called so many of my long lost friends who were too busy to take my call or return my call. I am waiting for their apologetic mails or messages that will be flowing over the weekend only if they find time from their 'busy' schedules.

To appease my mind from these ameliorating excuses, i have thought of updating my status as 'busy' so that i can also be a part of this bandwagon without being accused of unresponsive. Lol! what an idea. Friends, please let me know how do you find my idea, just by any chance you go through these lines. I know you people are also 'busy' to read a ludicrous piece like this.

As the summer is here, i will be also 'busy' planning my days ahead. How to escape the heat, how to enjoy the summer and how to keep my cool with the temperatures soaring. Oh yes, my penchant for ice creams is also on the list. I have to check out the latest parlors to try out all the exciting new flavors. The extra scoops, the chocolate drizzle on the top, the crunchy bites all add to my excitement of standing in the line and ordering my favorite ice cream.

So friends, please do not get too 'busy' to enjoy the season. Its the season of mangoes, ice creams, vacations, shakes, sorbets and loads of family time. Enjoy to the hilt!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Summer time....

Okay, so the weather is 'better' now...The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, there is a soft breeze blowing and yes, what am i doing? I am dancing (giggles)! With almost going on an verge of hibernation, the sun has finally come to our rescue making us believe that even though we almost skipped the spring this year, summers still remain.

Summer instantly brings to our mind--- yes, yes, yes 'ice cream'. Ice cream, after coffee, is perhaps is the most enjoyed loved thing across the globe. I know my comparison between coffee and ice cream may seem a bit mismated but both are equally enjoyed in different weathers. Coffee is a compulsion for many where as ice cream is an indulgence...Going out on a walks on a summer evening with the wind blowing across  your face and hair reminds me of 'only' thing. I want an ice cream. The only thing i am not very fussy about ice cream is flavor. All goes well with me except the loads of sugar which pass down my esophagus. The sugar content even though never cripples my craving, yet makes me feel guilty though. What who cares? Summer comes once in a year. I know you will agree with me with a dash of smile.

What else makes summer exciting? Yes, picnics and family outings. The skirts and the shorts which sit idle on one side of the wardrobe suddenly find themselves busy. The slippers, the hats, the picnic bags all get brushed up and geared up for some action. The air conditioners which remain covered start doing their duty or double duty.

I am wondering now, are the summers so exciting or i am getting too excited? I know people will complain about heat and the other ailments associated with the heat such as heat stroke and sun burns. The sweat, the drowsiness all add to the list.

I wish everyone a happy summers. May you enjoy the best of weather, ice cream, ripe juicy mangoes, the cool breeze, the skirts and sarongs and yes good health. Stay happy and radiate smile like the sun shine...

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Subho Noboborsho

It's time for Bengali New year which is known as 'Noboborsho'. Bengali's love their festivals like any other people of other states do. They love food, music, literature, cinema, poetry and of course women love their 'shari'. But whats gets the top priority is their love for food. Food, food and more food. Be it street side jhal muri(puffed rice), to puchka( a sweet sour item) to rolls or food at any fine dining place, Bengalis love their platter.

Noboborsho is the first day of the Bengali calendar which starts on 15th of April.On this day people worship Lord Ganesh and Goddess Lakshmi. Businessman on this day open their new accounts while closing the ones of the previous year. People worship and exchange greetings on this day. Children touch the feet of their elders for blessings. Various mouth watering delicacies are prepared on this day.

Have a prosperous Happy Bengali New Year. Stay happy and blessed!!!

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Rain and soup

The weather has been some what cruel to us for the past few days. Sun has perhaps been redirected somewhere else. Its been raining or wearing the gloomy look. My poor baby is deprived of any walk or stroll and the occasional sights of the cars passing by is his only gateway to the outer world.

My recent vacation was over due for sometime  & now i seem to miss it. Even though with a baby a packing for a picnic seems arduous task, yet vacation sounds very alluring. I remember on my last trip all i had in my bag was diapers and baby foods which gave me some hard time explaining to the airport security people. Even though baby stuff was the main occupant of space in my bag yet i was on the safer side this time. Good times, good weather, loads of pictures which were mainly wearing a tired look, yet we all love to get clicked. I know you are agreeing and smiling.

Good times last, i guess, shorter. We are back to the grind of life, its problems and worries. Just like the weather, the nature of problem changes. It all depends on our outlook to the problems. But our tenacity to handle our problems differs. They say smile through your problem, it will be easier to handle or cope. Well, if smiling was the only answer, everybody on earth would have done that and the rest would have been taken care of. Alas, its a man made world, with man made problems to which only man has the solutions. Our inclination towards spirituality will certainly help in making a clear decision for the betterment of all. Again, its man made choice!

Before i start cursing the weather again, let me check my pantry. I hope to make some soup which my family will enjoy. Together lets share some warmth, some kind, loving words even if its over just one bowl of humble soup.....

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


The New Year celebrations have subsided a month ago. Lots of hugs, promises, resolutions made and forgotten.Well, i am talking about my promises. My fitness plans, diet menus have all gone for a toss and that too within a month. The social sites are filled with vacation pictures about each friend of mine of New year conviviality. The cakes, balloons, hugs and of course the drinks. And one loyal person who took the pain of clicking the pictures while everyone was soaked in the mood. The never ending wishes about how the coming year should bring peace and happiness in each one of our lives.

Okay, enough i guess.With winter adding to my woes, we are already in a torpid state. No sooner than all my friends got busy in their lives after all the jollification, i meditate about our inner happiness. Well, wait wait i am not getting philosophical. I wonder in these fast paced times what exactly gives us happiness. Jobs with with fat pay checks, cars, foreign trips, designer stuff, latest gadgets. Better way to unwind these days are hitting the pubs, dancing till your body aches. Ahh, this is life. This is fun. Some wise friends told me, if you dont drink and dance you do not enjoy life! Certainly wise words. What will i tell my child the next morning why i wasnt at home all night and reached at wee hours of the morning only to sleep for the better part of the day? Well, i should say i was chilling!

Gone are the days when chilling meant fun with family over movies, serials, jumping with joys when our best loved teams won. The warmth shared over tea/coffee and home made cookies have naturally been taken over by smartly fashioned calorie loaded foods who barely do any good to our bodies. The over sized discounted bottles of beverages alluring kids and children are gradually replacing or rather replaced Mommy made lush soft drinks. We slog at the gym next day cribbing to burn the extra calories we added while watching the shows. We have huge plasma/led tvs but smaller families and less fun. We have everything or can possibly afford them but a look around will make us realize we do not have man power.

Again the world is full of wise people on the social sites who dole out wise words only to confuse 'me' more. They never bother to ask about my health or life or my kid or wish me on my birthday but my page gets filled up with their words which are of course shared from some other source. Another set hits the like button which follows a conversation which in turn makes them happy. You are asking me, yes, i am more confused, no, not about life, but those souls whom i happily call friends.

Now i am hungry!  The delivery guy has just handed me the packet of steamed dumplings. Mind you 'steamed'. I am still trying about my resolution. Somewhere hidden is my sweet tooth which will certainly kick my mind to have that sinful piece of cake. Let me see! Meanwhile you guys go ahead and enjoy life in whatever way 'you' feel like. But stay healthy!