Tuesday, February 5, 2013


The New Year celebrations have subsided a month ago. Lots of hugs, promises, resolutions made and forgotten.Well, i am talking about my promises. My fitness plans, diet menus have all gone for a toss and that too within a month. The social sites are filled with vacation pictures about each friend of mine of New year conviviality. The cakes, balloons, hugs and of course the drinks. And one loyal person who took the pain of clicking the pictures while everyone was soaked in the mood. The never ending wishes about how the coming year should bring peace and happiness in each one of our lives.

Okay, enough i guess.With winter adding to my woes, we are already in a torpid state. No sooner than all my friends got busy in their lives after all the jollification, i meditate about our inner happiness. Well, wait wait i am not getting philosophical. I wonder in these fast paced times what exactly gives us happiness. Jobs with with fat pay checks, cars, foreign trips, designer stuff, latest gadgets. Better way to unwind these days are hitting the pubs, dancing till your body aches. Ahh, this is life. This is fun. Some wise friends told me, if you dont drink and dance you do not enjoy life! Certainly wise words. What will i tell my child the next morning why i wasnt at home all night and reached at wee hours of the morning only to sleep for the better part of the day? Well, i should say i was chilling!

Gone are the days when chilling meant fun with family over movies, serials, jumping with joys when our best loved teams won. The warmth shared over tea/coffee and home made cookies have naturally been taken over by smartly fashioned calorie loaded foods who barely do any good to our bodies. The over sized discounted bottles of beverages alluring kids and children are gradually replacing or rather replaced Mommy made lush soft drinks. We slog at the gym next day cribbing to burn the extra calories we added while watching the shows. We have huge plasma/led tvs but smaller families and less fun. We have everything or can possibly afford them but a look around will make us realize we do not have man power.

Again the world is full of wise people on the social sites who dole out wise words only to confuse 'me' more. They never bother to ask about my health or life or my kid or wish me on my birthday but my page gets filled up with their words which are of course shared from some other source. Another set hits the like button which follows a conversation which in turn makes them happy. You are asking me, yes, i am more confused, no, not about life, but those souls whom i happily call friends.

Now i am hungry!  The delivery guy has just handed me the packet of steamed dumplings. Mind you 'steamed'. I am still trying about my resolution. Somewhere hidden is my sweet tooth which will certainly kick my mind to have that sinful piece of cake. Let me see! Meanwhile you guys go ahead and enjoy life in whatever way 'you' feel like. But stay healthy!