Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Balmy Spring

The golden sun looks all shimmering while the trees are swaying to the tunes of the gentle wind. Summer is softly stepping aside paving way to spring. The weather is so tranquilizing these days. It's that time of the year when Bengalis all across the globe are gearing up to welcome their beloved 'Maa Durga'.

The weather makes so homesick and takes me back to my childhood years when the air would be filled with the smell of fresh lotus and 'shiuli' (flower). Well, press the forward button and now i just see the drop in temperatures. The soft pink lotus are replaced by orchids and poinsettia. Our apartments cannot provide space to the 'shiuli' trees. Of course they need quite some space to spread themselves.

Somehow the weather outside today is mesmerizing my senses. I am getting carried away just like a kid who enjoys while listening to their favorite nursery poems.Summer this year was so fun. Well, the trips were less with fun quotient being more. Less of road trips and more of family fun and picnic. Perhaps these memories will be my comfort food in years to come. Who thinks of anti aging creams now!

With so many gadgets that we have in todays world we can safely save or record those moments only if they dont betray us one fine day.Actually i feel we have the option of too many things. The size of the memory card keeps changing every year due to the overload of photos. We want to capture every moment. We are getting distant with our loved ones and closer to the photos and videos. We want to be loved by people  but prefer to be surrounded by gadgets. Strange. We carry laptop more then we carry our babies. Then what for are the strollers. Strange.

Well my thoughts are taking a different turn now. Let me grab my jacket and head out for a walk to get some fresh spring air. Well, i am not alone. Life without gadgets is unthinkable. Cell phone will accompany me. Folks, i hope you too enjoy whatever you are doing!!!