Tuesday, January 21, 2014

It's 2014

Its first post of 2014. I am excited, motivated, optimistic about the year. As somebody said, the new year is just like book of 365 pages of blank pages where i will write my deeds. Deeds which reflect my values, ideologies and my behavior towards my family and friends and most importantly towards strangers. Strangers who don't know me and it's my behavior and words who will judge me with that.

It's a cold winter day with the winds blowing the snow away...It's snowing but its more of the turbulent winds which is making it more difficult for people to commute. People all wrapped up in woolens trying bravely to beat the wind and move forward. Some people are drawing some warmth from the cup of coffee while the music through their headphones gives them company while they dig and pull their feet from the snow clad roads. It's an all white pristine image. Suddenly a yellow bus comes. Gleefully the children exit the school buses and make way  to their warm homes where perhaps some loving face awaits with some warm loving food.

Spare a thought for those homeless people who dont' have a warm place to live. The cruel winds just adds agony to their woes. The animals who are yet to be rescued curl themselves in some corner looking helpless at the passer by for a small piece of bread or some eateries. They dont have enough clothing to keep themselves warm in this weather or adequate food to satisfy their growling stomach yet they are perhaps content with whatever little they have. We flip through the magazines to go through some fashion jackets while the clothes they wear do not even keep them warm. We look for discounts at our favorite brands while they look for minimals. We crave soups and wines while they ask for a morsel with little knowledge when would they get their next serving.

Life is so strange. Its almost like weather across the globe. While some parts of the globe struggle with daily life in winters, some people enjoy and bask in the sun. We always yearn for other people's life. My neighbors coat is perhaps warmer than mine, my friends job is more exciting than mine. My cousins kids are far well behaved than mine. My colleague has a clearer skin than mine and so on. Friends lets sit back and appreciate what we have around us. It may not be too expensive but adding just a dash of satisfaction or contentment will certainly make it extra special. Share your food, thoughts, warmth happiness with people around you. Don't look for discounts in the areas. They will only multiply your happiness with time.

As i sip my last drop of coffee i realise i am in a state of mind to make a bowl of tomato soup. But my train of thoughts is cut short when i figure out that i am running out of tomatoes. Never mind, stay happy...Rushing to get some plum tomatoes from the neighborhood grocery while the wind is trying hard to force me to stay inside. I promise, i will get them  and relish my tomato basil soup. Stay warm my friends and enjoy the season....