Thursday, June 12, 2014

Football World Cup 2014

It's a dull, boring weather today. But the colorful, bright, opening ceremony of World Cup Football 2014 surely pepped up the day. Happy faces all round the stadium cheering for their teams. Oh, what an absolute delight to people happy irrespective of all differences dancing and cheering and singing to the tune of one song~ love for football.

The football fever has gripped the entire world and the ardent followers are definitely going to sacrifice their sleep for their love for football. So guys, stock on your chips, popcorn and sodas or your favorite beverages and and soak yourself in the festive season of World Cup Football 2014.

Yes, yes, i am coming...My microwave is screaming. My popcorn is ready. I am just adding some more chips and salsa to the table & bingo we are ready to enjoy the matches. Come on teams, give your best...May the best team win. Cheers!!!

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