Sunday, June 22, 2014

Tara's World Cup Birthday.....

Go, Go, Go and its a GOAL...yeah....everybody in and out of stadium is jumping and cheering for their favorite team who just led their team to make the match interesting and nail biting. While the men folk and cheering and gulping down their can of beer and are closely monitoring every move of the match, the scenario in the women hive is bit different. In the ninety minutes of the match men give their undivided attention to their screens which somehow become a source of oxygen for men, but the attention of women are somewhat divided...Just in case the match happens to be on Sunday it might be a relaxing day for both the genders.The attention of a women is divided especially if they have a baby. The baby or the toddler or the kid constantly seeks attention making it impossible for the women to concentrate passionately. Oh, did i mention the cell phones. The constant updates of social networking sites are the biggest platforms to opine and define about every match and move of the players.
Well, i somewhat got deviated from my topic. We are in a busy Birthday party of my little neighbor Tara, who is absolutely dolled up in a fairy tell dress. Happy Birthday dear Tara. May your life be full of joy and happiness always. She likes everything about her dress and is proudly showing off it everyone around her. Even though her birthday was sometime in mid week, the celebrations are today. Poor parents! They did not realize that there was an important World Cup match before deciding for the party. The giant TV screen in the hall has a magnetic approach to men. As the families came in and wished lil Tara, the men almost immediately rushed to grab a chair and some foodies and participate in the heated match. The kids are obviously left to their Mom's who rush to the play area as well. The attention of the women are divided amongst the sounds of music, football, children and of course 'gossip' (cheekily)

As poor Tara is almost tired now of running in her dolled up attire her parents are patiently waiting for those crucial 90 minutes to get over so that Tara can get all the attention while she blows the candles and cuts the cake. In the meanwhile the kids are having one helluva time in indulging candies and other eateries.Luckily the hall had a free wifi zone and what better way and time to jot my visuals.

The match is almost drawing to a close now and the parents are getting the cake and table ready. The hyper and excited kids are wearing party hats and wondering as when will the cake arrive. Well, let me join the celebration as well. Now please don't ask me which celebration. The match and the party  both are equally gorgeous. All it matters is your spirit to celebrate any occasion....Enjoy

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