Saturday, August 2, 2014

Keepsake Memories....

Everything around me is looking bright and green. The soft green grass, the luscious pink flowers which refuses to look dull despite the bright sunshine, the mellow yellow flowers, the lilies dancing to the soft winds, the winds blowing my hair across my face. My sun kissed face, the babies dancing and rolling with their footballs, girls giggling with their buddies and my mind is clicking these images so that when winter creeps in my life these memories will provide me the softest cushion.

Memories these indeed are in the making in the coming grueling winter months. These soft images will provide the warmth when half of the world outside the house will be almost frozen and lifeless. We all love our memories, cling them to our hearts, remember them over a cup of coffee, shed tears over them, laugh at those long lost moments. Ever wondered why are memories so special? Despite everything changing around us, they 'never' change. We always want to get lost in the world of memories where there is no time change, no weather affects them, nothing is queer, nothing is chucked out of brain and heart.

My palanquin of memories has travelled far and wide and it is still making memories. Memories with my loved ones. The elders of my family have mostly left for their heavenly abode where i am sure they are enjoying the moments that the they could not in their earthly life. We have their memories which makes our life richer with happiness. Such is the strength of memories that they still mellow the hearts and make eyes mushy.

Memories are a synchrony of happiness and bond. The bond we share/shared with our closest family, friends or relatives or sometimes with a stranger. With the passage of time they bloom in strong or weak relationships depending on how we nurture them. The nexus goes on to create some everlasting memories which even the tide of time finds hard to erase. They are never svelte or bulky. They occupy a special place in our hearts which never runs out of space. Such sweet things...

But is it wise enough to cling to our memories? Of course, if it is about school and the wonderful friends we make who sometimes continue to be our lifelong friends. But not everybody is fortunate enough to get lifelong friends. People change with circumstances but yes, those memories remain the same leaving us wondering why have they changed with time. Memories of failed relationships should not be held too tight  to our hearts. They often reside in our hearts occupying maximum space and making the situations ameliorating. But who wants to drown in sorrow? Its better to get rid of them at the earliest.

Enjoy the memories, but most importantly make good ones. They should be pristine, enjoyable and worthy enough to be shared with people. Making some exemplary moments gives us the ambit to enrich our minds and souls when we are looking for happiness outside the heart..........

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