Monday, December 29, 2014

Happy New Year 2015

So another year bites the dust. Yes, as we come close to the end of another year, our minds are full of thoughts about the year that is passing by. Some of have gained while some lost. Well losing is a heavy word and not everyone can take its burden. In the way of losing just lose your hope. Losing takes everything but gives us one big thing; experience. Yes, it leaves behind memories of the failure but gives us a strong lesson of experience which no body else can teach us. Each of our lives are different hence we all have experienced the same year with different extremes.

But whatever have been our experiences we all can unanimously sing and welcome the New Year 2015. Let us wish, pray and hope no child goes hungry to sleep. Nobody leaves the world due to lack of love and care, no mother loses their child. Lets in our own small way try to make the world a better place for ourselves if not for others. Let our children live a healthy life and their laughs be the ultimate music to our souls. Let us all strive to live healthy, think healthy and care for our loved ones and extend our love for the ones who need love the most.

Here's wishing you all a bright, happy, healthy and a prosperous New Year 2015. Stay happy and spread the cheer.....

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