Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Subho Noboborsho 2015

Subho Noboborsho again people. Even though there is not much to describe in details about the festival as i have discussed in one of my earlier posts, but i can certainly wish people in the occasion. A new year of promises, and wishing each other prosperity and good health. Good health is so important especially with the mounting insurance rates and the luscious genetically modified foods that we consume everyday. Jokes apart food is so important part of our daily life and festivals means gorging on them.

Om Ganeshay a namah. Yes, Noboborsho festival begins with the prayers for Lord Ganesh for a blissful year ahead. Seeking blessings from the elders and if lucky get a pair of new clothes, though not mandatory. Lunch is usually a grand affair in most of the households though there are some who do not even get a morsel on that day. Its a fact where some tables are ladened with spread some of them just dream of a meal that day. In fact we need more reality checks than reality shows these days. I know my thoughts cannot change or end world hunger or poverty but sparing a thought and sharing a bit of our happiness with the less fortunate ones can surely make this world a better place.

Well, well, well coming to Noboborsho back again, i am yet to decide the menu. The fridge is well stocked with vegetables and meat but deciding the menu is always an uphill task to me. Good wishes to you all and may you enjoy every bit of your life with smile and good health.

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