Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Summer time

Summers are here with a bang. Flowers are in full bloom , the tress are wearing their best green outfit. Markets are flooded with luscious mangoes, sweet and sour litchi, jackfruit and the best watermelons. Its the shakes, juices, mock tails, sorbet and of course ice cream time. Kids wearing their swim wear are splashing the waters while the mercury is rising. The skate boards are running smoothly without tumbling over those ice blocks. All in all a happy picture.

Deep down the heart, my heart has carefully preserved so many childhood summer memories. Those memories always add warmth to my heart and add a spark to my eyes. Most of us will agree that childhood memories are simply the best, but not all of us fortunate to enjoy our childhood. Childhood is a free pass to enjoy the best of life. Love, friendship, pranks, soaking in the festivities of life. Life, free from the shackles of promises and compromises; life, where we not into the debt of happiness. Its a simple life of happiness when we do not understand the deeper meaning, only to realize it a few years later.

Children who are bonded by labor, forced into unwanted circumstances are robbed off their childhood. For them childhood is just an age, which they feel trapped into. They want to break that age shackle and step into the 'adult' world which is far more complex and insensitive. Insensitive, towards what they went through and insensitive to their needs. Some children in some part of the world craving for two morsels while some rubbing their soles of their shoes to make it to the school. The torn bags which can no longer hold the burden of books are tied by a thread or by a safety pin to keep things together. Blessed are those children who can still go to school.

Indeed childhood is the most precious part of our life cycle. As i jostle my pots and pans to make something for my lunch, i come near the window to grab my phone. The world outside is running and rushing, making me wonder am i walking too slow or have i stagnated? Well, its an open ended question to myself while i leave a picture for you to ponder. Hello, i took this picture myself and NOT a borrowed one :)

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