Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Durga Puja

Its a sun crisped day. The weather on this part of the globe is  a bit sharp here. The bright sun may surprise you anytime with a mild shower or a cloudy overcast sky, leaving you wondering about the tentativeness of the weather. I went for a walk, carrying my lightweight jacket. Before stepping out its a sort of norm here, to check the weather report if there are any chances of rain, but of course like any other man made device this too can be a part of technical inaccuracy. I reluctantly carry my umbrella, but change my mind once i step out of the elevator and further the front door.

My grocery is low, so needs a quick refill to sustain the remaining weekdays. No fancy dishes, but i need adequate amount of veggies and fruits till the weekend ushers in. A quick look around and i see the trees have almost shed their leaves and preparing for themselves for the cruel winters. The leaves have beautifully changed their colors into warm orange and yellow and the crispy sun rays adds a zing to the color. It is that time of the year when my hometown is gearing up the grandest festival 'Durga Puja'. While i walk the pavement to reach the grocery store, my mind quickly travels to my hometown which these days is soaked in the festive season to welcome the goddess. Ah, nostalgic! A sweet baby girl quickly breaks into a smile reminding me of my days in my hometown, the pure bliss of enjoying those festive days. Tons of memories!

I reached my grocery store but somehow my list of my purchases changed. I am looking for the ingredients to make an offering to the goddess. Can i make those heavenly delicious dishes that are still served on those festive days? I may not but i can surely try. My plumps with joy when my eyes sieve through the shelves and can locate a few of them. I call my mother and ask her to share one or dishes which require minimal cooking yet are loaded with happiness. I grab those and walk to my home. I do not know if i can replicate those dishes even by an inch, but my heart has already started beating fast. I miss the festive season, but let me try to make my table a bit more colorful, add a bit of joy, a dash of warmth and fill my mind and heart with memories, for a few years later, these memories and writings will bring so much joy and comfort to me. Happy Durgoutsav to all who are celebrating in any part of the globe. May the goddess of empowerment destroy the evil in us and bring joy and peace in each one of our lives.

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