Thursday, October 6, 2016

Happy Day 9

The week has been soooo long. Oh my my! viral fever along with lots of accompaniments visited me and made sure that i do not pay attention to anything else. Crawling from bed, every joint of my body crippling with pain had created havoc in my life. But slowly i regained strength to be happy to be grateful to get a grip over my life.

The sun is on a vacation mode and clouds are playing all across the sky. My day of idleness also came to an end i am back to my usual work, yes, but with happiness. It did rain as well this morning, so extra hour of sleep? Nah, cannot put my brain into another lackadaisical day.

My refrigerator is screaming for replenishments and so i hurriedly visited the local grocery store to get my vegetables and fruits. I am quite  fruits and veggie eater and to an extent disciplined as well. Even though gym always doesn't sound exciting me, yet i go out for my regular walks. Walking just refreshes my mind, of course, weather permitting. Working out inside the gym, watching the screen in front or listening to music makes me feel a tad isolated. On the contrary walking gives me a sense of freedom. I try to use the most of summer time, enjoying the nature and yes loads of vitamin D to sail me through the winter months.

Being a Bong myself i have an exciting event coming up in my calendar as 'Durga Puja' and i am immensely happy about it. This weekend will be busy for me and i am so happy thinking about it. I may not find time to jot it down but i will try to soak in the festival as much as i can. This week is all about planning and preparations. The clouds are trying to make me sluggish. But i will rise above those idle thoughts, and with extra ecstasy for the Goddess comes once in a year. Well, i am certainly happy about that....

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Happy Day 8

It's again a windswept day. Tough winds are almost sweeping away the leaves from the trees. Stepping out from home with a pullover is brawny. The season of fall. Speaking of fall season, it's not just the fall season outside. Fall can can be inside the homes as well. On a lighter note, i had a small fall just this morning in my room. As i swiftly woke up to my alarm thinking i am late i tumbled and had a 'fall'. Ouch!!!

My first fall of the season. But thankfully no injuries. My sleep dissolved almost immediately. Smilingly i woke up, brushed and convinced myself that the world is still in it place even it did try to shake me. I went ahead to make my fall special coffee. Sipping my coffee i tried to make my plan for the day. My car needed a wash, grocery was low. I ignored my groceries this weekend. My laundry needs to be folded. Goodness too much for a day. With the winds blowing strongly outside i somehow started feeling lazy.

I succumbed to my laziness and decided to skip going outside. Instead i folded my clothes, made a nice warm soup for myself, took a nice shower and read my favorite book. I was lucky to chat with a friend of mine with whom i hadn't spoken in quite a while. I was checking my emails when my friend propitiously was online and we chatted for sometime. Living on different time zones took some toll and we promised to touch base again soon.

My soup and breadsticks sailed me thorough today. I am sanguine that i will refill my pantry tomorrow. A relaxing day was indeed a 'Happy Day' for me today....

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Happy Day 7

The weather is changing rapidly. I have almost packed my summer clothes in separate vacuum bags to keep my sanity when i need them next summers. It's a typical autumn morning. It's a breezy morning with the sun playing peek-a-boo. The leaves are finding it hard to remain with the trees. The roads are strewn with dried leaves.

A drive in the neighborhood and people can be seen cleaning the dried leaves, packing them int he brown bags and leaving them for the trash trucks to carry them away. For me the season of fall makes me so, so nostalgic. It's that time of the year when we wait for Goddess Durga to arrive. After a yearlong wait it's time to celebrate her homecoming and what more can be a joyous occasion for a Bengali wherever he/she may reside. The approaching festive season, the preparations that goes into it takes me back to my growing years. Every year around this time i almost go back to my childhood. The memories give me such warmth. These have always been Happy Days of my life and still bring happiness whenever i close my eyes and think about them. Such is the effectiveness of the memories that it makes time lapse and takes back to the cherished times.

The morning has been quite a tidal of memories. But i am certainly not complaining. Let me embrace those memories, enjoy my refreshing salad lunch and get back to my work mode. Of course happily....

Monday, September 26, 2016

Happy Day 6

Happy week starts again. Hi there, hope you all had a relaxing weekend. It may not have been exciting but i hope you all were to ease off some stress and prepare for the next week. Stress is almost indissoluble part of our lives these days. It's almost entwined in our minds that we need a vacation to make a discontinuity for a few days.

My weekend wasn't stressful but frenetic for sure. My wardrobe looked like a war zone with all the piled up clothes which needed segregation for washing or sorting. With the weather changing haltingly, i am confused with my choice of clothes. The mornings are balmy with the day pushing to warm and to return to windy evenings. Along with my messed up wardrobe, my kitchen needed a wash. I dare not say about my bath tub for it needs a scrubbing too. So this weekend my focus was on these two spheres. Lot of work means lot of food and what better way than takeouts. I satiated my cravings this weekend. Dishes which are painstakingly difficult to make and time consuming never see the day the daylight in my kitchen. They are like some distant dreams to me. I got a chance to order and dig into them.

The weekend was mostly about food and cleaning. Cleaning not only refreshes the house but also gives a feeling of atonement. I feel more stimulated to face another week with more fervency and handle days with a smile so that I can keep adding more and more Happy Days in my life....

Friday, September 23, 2016

Happy Day 5

The weekend starts on a cloudy note once again. I sleepily wake up to my dutiful alarm. The tiredness from yesterday is yet to wear out. I get a message from one of my cousins that one of close Uncles isn't really doing well. This makes me a tad sad. Living thousand of miles away from close friends and relatives i cannot rush and meet him. Suddenly my mind is flooded with childhood thoughts. How we used to be pampered by him from time to time. Time has created so much distance that it cannot be covered in a jiffy. My morning coffee somehow didn't taste good today. May be my mixed emotions got mixed with the coffee.

Life is so strange. We always dwell in our past or future. When we were young we thought that growing up is the gateway to all freedom and act as per our  accordance. With time it turned out to be myth. Freedom gave separation with memories being the sole link. Memories are so comforting. I am perhaps making the same mistake, thinking about my past. I cannot bring the times that i spent with my Uncle, but i can certainly pray for his health. May he live a healthy life. I wish i can go and meet him at the earliest.

It's Friday once again and i will try catch up with loads of pending work. But in between i will not forget to be happy and find happiness in every act of mine. Every act is momentary but creates memories, so why make bad ones. With a note that everyone finds their happiness, lets enjoy the weekend and meet once again on Monday. Cheers!!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Happy Day 4

It's officially the first day of fall. Yes, the leaves are changing their colors. From shiny green to red, yellow, orange. The trees look resplendent. But dear summers you will be missed. It will be a long wait before we meet again. The night get longer and the days shorter. So, my sleep time increases.

It's been a long tiring day. Too much of adventure in a single day. The cloudy day started and kept rushing with work pouring from all sides. My dinner is getting ready while I jot these lines. The kitchen is smelling aromatic with the spices and the veggies. My rice cooker is doing its job and saving my time. My feet look quite sore tacitly asking me to call it a day. Well, happiness of the day would all the assigned tasks have been completed. I am ready to take another day tomorrow. Oh yes, tomorrow is Friday. I will work with extra enthusiasm. Till we meet again, be happy....

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Happy Day 3

Its a dark, cloudy and a rainy day. When i woke up in the morning for a minute i was confused if i woke up a tad early or i am still sleepy. I turned on the light to see check the time. My alarm usually doesn't betray me but today somehow i must have ignored its call. I was on time. There were dark clouds all over. I tried to finish my work turning on all lights. Within an hour the rains started  to pour. The clouds began to roar, lightening increased. For a moment i felt, i should stop everything and tuck into my bed and enjoy some blissful sleep. But darn, the clock never stops. In the mornings i feel it accelerates itself to give me quite a run.

The rain wasn't in a mood to stop. It was pouring. The coffee machine beeped asking to be poured into the cup. I tried to sip slowly hoping to slow down against the strong rain. I was slower, i didn't rush myself. The trees tried to be brave, but it was too windy.

The rains lasted for close to 45 mins. I rushed to leave. There was chaos on the streets as well. Long crawling traffic. It's a going to be long day. My sunshine moment of the day was when school going kid stopped at the traffic with his parents to board the school bus. He looked towards me waved and smiled. Oh wow, what a cute kid! His smile almost made me forget that its a messy rainy day. Keep smiling my little friend !

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Happy Day 2

Good morning peeps. On a bright sunny day which is continuing to uplift my spirits and smiles, i start my day. Morning rolls into day amidst work and running. There's is a sudden knock at my door. I hurriedly go and open my door. My sweet neighbor drops to in say a quick hello while on her back to her home after dropping her kid to school. I apologize to her for the morning mess at my home. Being a mom too she laughed it off. I offer her some tea and snacks which she politely refuses.

I could see a nicely packed box in her box. Out of curiosity i asked her if she had been to the grocery store this morning. She gently smiles, nods and asks me sit next to her. There was a shine in her eyes this morning which was clearly visible. As she handed the box to me, she somehow coyly shared the news that they were expecting their second child. Oh, what a joy! I hugged her tight and couldn't hold myself. This is such a splendid piece of news. News of a joyous arrival soon. The feeling of giving birth is so phenomenal, only a person who has walked this path can understand. Moments of anxiousness, suspense pains and tribulations before receiving the lifetime gift is so nerve wracking.

We kept chatting for sometime before heading to our respective works. I promised to be her regular visitor to enquire about her health. She left but she left behind a huge wave of happiness in my today which is making tides of and on. The feeling is so happy and positive. I wish the vibes remain long after. Stay happy my friend!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Happy Day 1

Hi there! As promised to myself i will start posting my "Happy Days" posts which will help me find happiness in everyday mundane things of life. Happiness is so essential to maintain equilibrium of life. Let me start my 'today'. Today is the first day of the week. We usually tend to dislike Monday for the obvious reasons. The weekend which we always patiently wait for rushes too soon. That extra minute of sleep, or the lazy brunch is suddenly taken away by Monday. Rude, right? Me too feel at times. As my alarm dutifully does its duty, i somehow try to convince myself i can spend a few more minutes with my snuggly blanket. But, time is the greatest hammer and i rush out of the day to start my day.

It was still dark when i woke up. The curtains still tried to hide the external lights. I gently run my curtains towards the end of the window. Its still cloudy. As i keep wondering will it be a cloudy day, i try to finish my chores. Monday wasn't looking exciting. But the day had other plans, as the sun pushing through the clouds. The sun was peeping and within minutes the sun was out with its full radiance. Wow, what a great way to kickstart my day.

Today the sun indeed brought a big smile to my lips. I was moving with extra energy and smile. Smile, which is so necessary to  keep everything moving. Well, let me finish my remaining work while the sun is still shining. I hope everyone has a nice shining day.....

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Back from Hiatus

Its been five months of sabbatical and i am going through roller coaster in my life. While trying to pick up broken pieces and join them for better functioning if not smooth, i have learnt so many valuable lessons which only time or life could teach me. Oh yes, no complaints only lessons. Lessons of lifetime which which no search engine or text books can provide. Its so funny when in school we could skip a chapter thinking that it is tough for us or during exams skip a question thinking there are other questions which could fetch us equal marks. Certainly not in the text book of life. It makes sure we go through all the chapters and some chapters are so tethering yet those lessons are never forgotten. Simple, profound and everlasting lessons learnt.

In tiring times we all look for optimism. Its something which gets us going. In my dark days i was rummaging all across the internet trying to read any blog posted on optimism. I read many articles where people take up everyday challenge to be happy, to find one reason to be happy everyday. Happiness in anything and everything. From fresh grocery of fruits and vegetables to the changing weather, every small change  was mentioned in their posts which made them smile through their rough days. Now that i have managed to push my problems  and enjoy the sun before winter steps in, i am also toying with the idea of 'happy me' series. A series where i try to jot down my happy moment of the day. A small try to be happy even when the sun refuses to shine. To smile, to cheer and remind me and my family that being happy is infectious. Lets get affected and spread it. Cheers to the weekend........

Friday, March 18, 2016

Welcome 2016

The New Year has long back rolled in and the third month of the year is about to end. Lots of changes have taken place in this happening place called world where we live. If we break down further our address, it will be planet-earth-continent-country-state-town-community-street to finally house number. In that small or big houses we live making our own world; a world of varied levels of emotions.

For the last three months, even i have been in my own world where i have been through a roller coster of emotions. My world appeared so confusing that stepping out and facing the 'real world' seemed a task. Everything seemed to be a metaphor trying to explain me some inherent underlying meaning which i couldn't decipher. The winters added more to the confusion and laziness. With the leaves visibly invisible, the world seemed to be lifeless until the spring stepped in to restore my faith in nature. The migratory birds are slowly flying in, early morning they chirpily wake us up. The local store is currently carrying the medley of fresh color of flowers. All in all giving us hint that spring has silently stepped in. The heavy weight jackets have taken their back seats and oh boy, what a joy!

I also seem to have come out of my shell. The last few months have been quite tough from the emotional front. It has taught me so many lessons on patience and the importance of trust and i have been an equally a patient student. While my learning still continues everyday, i am yet to master any lesson. But my yearning and my appetite to learn wont sop. It will perhaps help me to grow like those spring blooms kept at the store which i watch everyday while on my way. They silently make me smile and set a milestone for me that i have to keep moving without stagnating if have to bloom like them. My life should somehow spread lingering fragrance in the lives of the people i know and meet.

Life hasn't always been kind to me and i am not complaining either. Its almost like walking on tight rope where every moment there is chance of faltering but its worth taking risk, without which there would be no fun. But yes, learning doesn't stop!