Monday, September 19, 2016

Happy Day 1

Hi there! As promised to myself i will start posting my "Happy Days" posts which will help me find happiness in everyday mundane things of life. Happiness is so essential to maintain equilibrium of life. Let me start my 'today'. Today is the first day of the week. We usually tend to dislike Monday for the obvious reasons. The weekend which we always patiently wait for rushes too soon. That extra minute of sleep, or the lazy brunch is suddenly taken away by Monday. Rude, right? Me too feel at times. As my alarm dutifully does its duty, i somehow try to convince myself i can spend a few more minutes with my snuggly blanket. But, time is the greatest hammer and i rush out of the day to start my day.

It was still dark when i woke up. The curtains still tried to hide the external lights. I gently run my curtains towards the end of the window. Its still cloudy. As i keep wondering will it be a cloudy day, i try to finish my chores. Monday wasn't looking exciting. But the day had other plans, as the sun pushing through the clouds. The sun was peeping and within minutes the sun was out with its full radiance. Wow, what a great way to kickstart my day.

Today the sun indeed brought a big smile to my lips. I was moving with extra energy and smile. Smile, which is so necessary to  keep everything moving. Well, let me finish my remaining work while the sun is still shining. I hope everyone has a nice shining day.....

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