Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Happy Day 7

The weather is changing rapidly. I have almost packed my summer clothes in separate vacuum bags to keep my sanity when i need them next summers. It's a typical autumn morning. It's a breezy morning with the sun playing peek-a-boo. The leaves are finding it hard to remain with the trees. The roads are strewn with dried leaves.

A drive in the neighborhood and people can be seen cleaning the dried leaves, packing them int he brown bags and leaving them for the trash trucks to carry them away. For me the season of fall makes me so, so nostalgic. It's that time of the year when we wait for Goddess Durga to arrive. After a yearlong wait it's time to celebrate her homecoming and what more can be a joyous occasion for a Bengali wherever he/she may reside. The approaching festive season, the preparations that goes into it takes me back to my growing years. Every year around this time i almost go back to my childhood. The memories give me such warmth. These have always been Happy Days of my life and still bring happiness whenever i close my eyes and think about them. Such is the effectiveness of the memories that it makes time lapse and takes back to the cherished times.

The morning has been quite a tidal of memories. But i am certainly not complaining. Let me embrace those memories, enjoy my refreshing salad lunch and get back to my work mode. Of course happily....

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