Thursday, October 6, 2016

Happy Day 9

The week has been soooo long. Oh my my! viral fever along with lots of accompaniments visited me and made sure that i do not pay attention to anything else. Crawling from bed, every joint of my body crippling with pain had created havoc in my life. But slowly i regained strength to be happy to be grateful to get a grip over my life.

The sun is on a vacation mode and clouds are playing all across the sky. My day of idleness also came to an end i am back to my usual work, yes, but with happiness. It did rain as well this morning, so extra hour of sleep? Nah, cannot put my brain into another lackadaisical day.

My refrigerator is screaming for replenishments and so i hurriedly visited the local grocery store to get my vegetables and fruits. I am quite  fruits and veggie eater and to an extent disciplined as well. Even though gym always doesn't sound exciting me, yet i go out for my regular walks. Walking just refreshes my mind, of course, weather permitting. Working out inside the gym, watching the screen in front or listening to music makes me feel a tad isolated. On the contrary walking gives me a sense of freedom. I try to use the most of summer time, enjoying the nature and yes loads of vitamin D to sail me through the winter months.

Being a Bong myself i have an exciting event coming up in my calendar as 'Durga Puja' and i am immensely happy about it. This weekend will be busy for me and i am so happy thinking about it. I may not find time to jot it down but i will try to soak in the festival as much as i can. This week is all about planning and preparations. The clouds are trying to make me sluggish. But i will rise above those idle thoughts, and with extra ecstasy for the Goddess comes once in a year. Well, i am certainly happy about that....

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